Person spray on the mold-infested wall Hendersonville, NC

It’s time to start planning your North Carolina home’s spring maintenance as the winter months conclude. Secure Restoration is here to help because we recognize how important it is to keep your house in top condition. We provide the mold remediation Hendersonville, NC, rely on. We minimize damage to people’s houses to safeguard their investments.

Below is our list of must-do items to get your house ready for the spring.

Check for Water Damage

It’s important to check your property for any indications of plumbing-related leaks or water damage because water damage can result in the growth of mold. Ensure no debris is in your gutters, downspouts, or roof, and inspect them for any damage. Look for moisture indicators in your attic and crawl area, such as damp insulation or water stains. Secure Restoration offers premium mold inspection services for home water damage.

Inspect Your HVAC System

Proper maintenance is a must if you are to enjoy a stellar performance from your HVAC system. To ensure your system operates well, change your air filters and have a professional inspect them thoroughly. Aside from being a mold remediation company, we also specialize in HVAC system inspection, and it is one of the services that has seen us rated as the best in.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to minimize clogging. Clogged gutters end up damaging water, thus providing conducive conditions for mold growth and pest infestation. It is crucial to ensure that your gutters and downspouts are free of obstructions like leaves so that water can flow freely through them.

Test Your Sump Pump

A fully-functional sump pump is essential if you have one in your basement or crawlspace. Pour a pail of water into the sump pit to test your pump. Your home’s water should be pumped out automatically by the pump. Sump pump maintenance and repairs are best done by experts. Our professionals do mold removal in pumps to guarantee their longevity.

Schedule an Inspection

In warm, humid climates, mold may spread quickly, so it’s crucial to have your home checked for mold growth. When you notice or smell mold in your house, it’s critical to use mold remediation services. For this and other related problems, Secure Restoration is your best partner for the best services.

Secure Restoration reduces the danger of leaks that provide breeding grounds for mold. We have been a reputable company offering the best services since 2012. To schedule your mold cleaning services and related services, or find out more about our services, contact our team today. We offer a free estimate and testing before starting the work!