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A home fire is one of the worst catastrophes a homeowner can experience. You can trust our restoration crews at Secure Restoration to help you with the devastation and the rebuild of your home. We will handle your project quickly and efficiently so you and your loved ones can get back into your home as soon as possible. When you are in need of fire damage restoration in Asheville, NC, or any part of the southeastern United States, call us any time, day or night.

We Are the Local Reliable Restoration Services Provider for Many Reasons

BBB accredited, Secure Restoration is pleased to be a leading source for fire damage cleanup and repair. Because you have enough to worry about when dealing with fire damage, we provide A+ service that includes:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 12+ Years of Experience
  • Licensed & Insured in NC, SC, AL, and FL
  • We work with all Insurance Companies
  • IICRC Certified
  • A+ Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

When you are in need of a fire damage restoration company in North or South Carolina, call Secure Restoration. We are proud to serve these areas with all their restoration needs. If your home is in need of restoration, whether from water damage, fire damage or mold mitigation, we will work to restore it to its former glory. We have helped many homeowners renovate and repair their homes after a disaster has struck. You can count on us for prompt, efficient, and effective service. Call Secure Restoration today.

When a home catches on fire it can be devastating for a family. In just a few hours after a fire metal fixtures such as faucets and door handles can be permanently damaged if they are not treated right away. Timing is critical when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of our restoration services. After a fire is out it is important to work quickly to limit the damage of any property that is salvageable including fixtures, household items, metals, as well as any other contents.

Trust Only Certified and Accredited Experts

It is important to choose professional fire damage restoration services for your needs after a fire has occurred. These professionals will be certified through an accredited program. This will ensure that they are properly trained in dealing with fire and smoke damage.

Emotional Toll of Fire Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Services can help repair the damage caused by fires.Our services can help address the damage caused by fires. When providing restoration services, most professionals fully understand the devastation that a family is going through. Restoration professionals also know the importance of handling the job quickly and efficiently so that the family can get back into their home as fast as possible. It is important for the process to be completed from start to finish as soon as possible. Anyone that has suffered through a home fire should make sure to call a professional fire restoration company as soon as possible. This is not a job that can be done on your own. While the firemen will walk you through the damage, you should leave everything in place until you talk to the restoration services company in order to ensure that you do not damage anything further and to allow the professional to conduct their assessment. They will be able to save anything that they can and make sure that it is cleaned appropriately so that the smoke odor does not linger long after the fire is gone. It is important to make sure that everything in your home is cleaned in the right way using the right cleaning tools so that your home does not continue to smell like smoke.


The first thing that the professional will do is to provide an assessment of the full extent of the damage that was done by the fire. This assessment will include the impact of the smoke, residues, and heat from the fire and the smoke. In addition, they will explain what items will be able to be saved and how. Depending on the extent of the fire, the professionals will begin work on the home restoration process. This may include odor and smoke removal, cleaning, sanitation, and cleaning of the air vents and ducts. Most fire damage repair services will be able to reverse the majority of the fire and smoke damage that was caused by the fire.

What Our Restoration Services Consist Of

There are several services that are provided by fire restoration companies. Some of the fire mitigation services that may be provided by the company include:

  • Total cleaning and sanitation
  • Professional grade deodorization
  • Temporary protection services
  • Removal of damaged building components
  • Full reconstruction

Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

Can smoke and fire odors be eliminated?
Part of what we do with smoke damage restoration is professional-grade deodorization to remove lingering odors. There are times when it’s best to discard or remove certain things affected by fire and smoke odors. However, our team makes every effort to eliminate stubborn odors from anything that was affected by the fire.
What's involved with fire damage cleanup and restoration?
In addition to fire damage repair and the removal of burnt or damaged materials, this process also involves removing odors and dealing with any related water damage from what was necessary to put the fire out.
Can I take care of any parts of the cleanup process myself?
You can remove valuable or sentimental items that are salvageable and safely accessible to a safe location. Otherwise, it’s best to work with a professional fire restoration company like Secure Restoration. Our team has the equipment and resources required to assess the situation and expedite the restoration process.
What's done to protect areas not affected by fire?
This is why part of what we do is fire remediation, which is when steps are taken to contain the damage and the related impact to the affected area or areas. This means cleaning air ducts and vents to prevent airborne substances from spreading and completely drying out the affected area to minimize the risk of mold issues.
Does insurance fully cover fire damage and cleanup?
Fire damage insurance typically gives you the option to have coverage that includes expenses related to cleanup, replacement, and non-salvageable belongings. We provide insurance assistance to help with the claims process and keep our rates reasonable to further ease your stress and burden.

All the Common Causes of Fire Damage

Among the possible reasons you may encounter fire damage are:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Cooking-related fires
  • Defective heating appliances
  • Smoking-related accidents
  • Overloaded sockets or plugs
  • Candles

Conducting Our Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair Process

A Secure Restoration professional will assess the degree of damage and determine what can be salvaged. We then isolate unsafe areas and ensure the exposed areas in your property are protected from further fire damage. Next, we remove water and dry everything immediately to mitigate mold growth. We then use specialized equipment to remove soot from floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces and deodorize the smoke odors. We then start cleaning and sanitizing all the items damaged in the fire and removing unsalvageable items. Once we’re done, we start the damage reversal process. We’re skilled in a range of repairs and reconstructions, including floorboard or carpet removal and replacement, drywall replacement, and main carpentry and remodeling projects.

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