Moldy home interior Asheville, NC

Mold growth is a typical issue in homes subjected to water damage or exposure to high humidity levels. To curb its effects on your household, be sure to schedule a prompt water damage restoration in Asheville, NC via Secure Restoration. We can assist you with damage assessment.

Here are some crucial pointers for dealing with household mold growth.

Determine the Source Of the Moisture

The first step in preventing mold growth is identifying where the moisture is coming from. Once you locate the issue, you may resolve it to save your home from mold growth. Professional water removal services are crucial since excess water may harm a building’s structure significantly and encourage the formation of mold, which is dangerous to your health.

Dry Out Wet Areas

Any wet areas in your house need to be dried off right away since mold needs moisture to grow. Use fans and dehumidifiers to speed up drying. For damaged areas, water damage repair services will be crucial.

Immediately Remove Any Mold

It’s crucial to wipe up any mold as soon as you notice it is forming in your home. You can use a commercial mold cleaning or a bleach-and-water solution to get rid of the mold. Put on safety gear like gloves and a mask to prevent breathing in mold spores.

Preventing mold in your house involves proactive moisture management. The tips above will ensure you live in a safe and mold-free environment. Schedule an appointment with a restoration contractor in Asheville, NC, courtesy of Secure Restoration for water damage restoration today!