Mold growth on walls Hendersonville, NC

Mold can grow in various parts of the home. Fortunately, you can depend on Secure Restoration for quality mold remediation in Hendersonville, NC. We will help you identify the mold growth, remove it and prevent future issues.

Did you know that some areas are more likely to be affected by mold than others? Here are the top places to look.


Being warm and wet most of the time, the environment in the bathroom can be quite conducive to mold growth because it thrives best in such areas. It’s for this reason that the bathroom is one of the first places mold removal experts will look when they inspect your house. Showers and bathtubs are the places most affected by mold growth. Leaving sinks and counters wet may also cause mold to grow. Water leakage in bathroom walls and floors can also cause mold to grow on these surfaces.


With the tap water and heat from cooking creating the perfect environment for mold growth, the kitchen is a common mold growth area. Mold inspection professionals will find growth on countertops, under the sink, in trash cans, and near the fridge to name a few. Any part of the kitchen that is moist has the potential to grow mold.

Attic and Basement

These rarely-used parts of the home are notorious for mold growth–especially since water leakage is the most common cause of mold growth in the attic or basement. Check near vents, pipes, heaters, and on the roof. The right mold cleaning services will help you get rid of the musty smell many attics and basements are associated with.

With prompt mold removal services, you can effectively avoid the health risks associated with mold growth. Have these places checked regularly to stop mold growth dead in its tracks.

Secure Restoration is the go-to mold remediation company in Hendersonville, NC. Call us as soon as you suspect there is mold growth in your house. We do a thorough inspection, give a free quotation and get rid of the problem ASAP!