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Finding mold in your home is disconcerting for property owners. Whether it is the smell or the sight of mold that has tipped you off, you will want an experienced mold removal company to do the remediation. At Secure Restoration, our crews have been trained not only in mold removal but to find the source of moisture that has started the mold growth. That is why we are the top crew when it comes to mold remediation in Asheville, NC, and other areas we serve:

Mold Removal from the Experts

Mold is a serious problem in any home or business premises and can not only damage the property itself but also lead to numerous health issues. Fortunately, mold removal is relatively easy as long as you act quickly and you find the right company to help. Here we will look at what mold removal, also known as mold remediation, can entail.

Mold is actually a type of fungus similar to mushrooms. It travels through the air in the form of spores and is highly abundant outdoors where it thrives. It becomes a problem indoors however when you have damp surfaces – mold only needs a damp surface and some form of organic material as nutrition in order to grow and spread. What’s more, it only takes 24 hours for a mold spore to start growing into a colony once it comes into contact with a suitable surface.

Mold in the home is quite a serious problem then because it spreads so fast and is very hard to get rid of. Cleaning mold off of one surface can often unsettle more spores and dust causing them to travel around the room and to grow elsewhere. Likewise, it can easily end up getting inside your lungs or on your skin during this process.

And when you do breathe in or otherwise come into contact with mold, it can present any number of unwanted implications for your health. For starters, mold can trigger an allergic response when breathed in which in turn causes difficulty breathing, coughing, scratchiness in the throat, running eyes and nose, headaches, and itchiness. Mold has been shown to exacerbate and even cause asthma and eczema.

What’s more, mold can in some circumstances produce mycotoxins dependent on the type. These are poisonous for humans and can have much more serious implications for your health – in some cases even leading to fatalities.

One dangerous type of mold is considered the most serious: black mold. Also known as “toxic mold” due to its poisonous nature, it is characterized by its color and slimy texture. Being exposed to black mold can result in chronic sinus conditions, fatigue, and depression, among others.

Causes of Mold

Not surprisingly, uncontrolled indoor humidity is one of the leading causes of mold. You may also have issues with this microscopic organism in your home or business due to excess moisture from an undetected plumbing or air conditioning leak. Other possible causes of mold-related concerns include:

  • Hidden or unseen roof leaks
  • Insufficient indoor air circulation
  • Poor ventilation
  • Storage of damp materials

Dangers of DIY Mold Removal

Granted, fairly minor mold problems can sometimes be quickly taken care of with the right cleaning products. However, DIY removal is riskier than you may realize, with possible dangers associated with a do-it-yourself approach to mold-related removal including:

  • Unintentionally spreading mold to other inside areas
  • Health-related risks from breathing in airborne spores
  • Skin irritation if you’re not using proper protective gear and equipment
  • Failing to fully contain the mold problem

Why Professional Assistance Makes a Difference

Our mold removal services are comprehensive in that all aspects of mold-related issues are addressed, from the initial testing to cleanup and remediation. This is one of the most compelling reasons to let our experienced team handle all of your mold testing, cleanup, and remediation needs. Professional assistance also saves you money by minimizing the expenses related to widespread mold problems.

Tips on Mold Prevention

Scheduling a mold inspection if you notice conditions ideal for mold growth is one of the ways to prevent serious mold issues. Prevent mold-related problems even further by keeping the following tips in mind:

  1. Consider a dehumidifier or central AC system if you have high indoor humidity
  2. Have your basement or crawl spaces properly sealed
  3. Improve ventilation in your home, especially in the attic
  4. Have any plumbing-related leaks or drips taken care of right away
  5. Schedule regular roof and plumbing inspections to minimize the risk of leaks

Why Hire Us for Mold Services

Since 2012, we’ve been a dependable local mold remediation company serving clients in the entire southeastern U.S. Hire Secure Restoration for mold service with confidence and know you’ll benefit from:

  • Assistance with insurance claims
  • 24/7 emergency help for urgent situations
  • Rates that are upfront and reasonable
  • Service provided by a BBB-accredited, A+ rated company
  • Licensed and insured in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida

Mold Testing and Remediation FAQs

How long does it take to remove mold?
It depends on the extent of the issue. If it’s still contained, for example, it’s often possible to remove mold and clean the affected area fairly quickly. However, a more extensive mold issue requires more time.
What can be done to minimize moisture in areas like kitchens and bathrooms?
Due to how these two spaces are often used, it’s impossible to prevent all instances of moisture. What you can do, though, is use an in-shower bathroom fan and a dehumidifier in your kitchen when cooking or baking.
Can duct cleaning help?
Absolutely. This is an effective way to keep mold spores from spreading. It’s also a good way to ensure your ducts are capable of properly circulating air in your home.
How can mold be cleaned off of various surfaces or items?
If you spot smaller issues with mold on electronics or similar items, a mixture of two parts water and vinegar is an easy way to quickly remove the mold. If the issue is more widespread, however, give us a call.
How can I tell if I have unseen mold issues?
Mold issues are sometimes out of plain sight, but there are still ways to tell if you may have a mold problem. Telltale signs include damage to paint or wallpaper, musty odors in certain areas, and discoloration or lifting of floor materials if mold is hidden below.

Stay Safe and Give Our Team a Call

Get clear answers and reliable results when it matters most by giving Secure Restoration a call if you’re seeing mold or noticing signs of it. We’ll take the steps necessary to determine the extent of the problem. We also offer equally effective mold cleaning services and remediation assistance.

When it comes to mold removal and similar services, trust only our experts. We even provide testing and a free estimate. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule an appointment for:

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