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When a disaster strikes your home, it can be hard to focus and try to figure out what that next step is. You may have lost some of your belongings or all of your belongings, and the cost may be small or great. Disasters that affect the home can happen at a moment’s notice, or without notice, and they can happen in a wide variety of forms: from floods to fires. But it is important to know that when these things happen, and you have lost the stability of your home to some type of damage, damage restoration services are there to help.


Water Damage

Water damaged floor and torn off wall

One of the most common types of damage that affect the home is water damage, which is why most people call for damage restoration services. This is especially common in areas that are prone to flooding, but it can happen in even the driest climates. We all have plumbing in our homes, and plumbing inevitably has issues at some point in the life of a home. People now have more plumbing fixtures in the home than ever before, including large, water-consuming dishwashers, multiple bathrooms and larger baths and showers than ever, and intricate sprinkler systems that work on automatic timers. Each one of these individual factors makes a home more likely to suffer from water damage at some point. Water damage is closely tied in with mold damage, which will be discussed further on. If water damage occurs in the home, it is important to take steps to eliminate the possibility of mold damage occurring.

Water Damage Restoration Process

The most crucial element of water damage restoration services is timing. It is of the utmost importance to bring in experienced, professional damage restoration experts to monitor and dry the affected areas. The first thing that the damage restoration professional or team will do is fully evaluate the situation and make a thorough plan of attack for how the damage will be resolved. This step is very important in restoring the home. Next, they will remove up to thousands of gallons of water, using powerful pumps and vacuums. Starting this step as soon as possible is crucial in preventing mold growth. They will then dry and dehumidify the home, in order to remove the water particles that are more difficult to reach. Finally, the restoration team will clean and sanitize your belongings that were affected by the event, and return everything to its rightful place.

Fire Damage

fire damage restoration services

Like water damage, fire damage is something to always be prepared for when you own or rent a home. There are a number of things in the home that can cause a fire at a moment’s notice, such as electrical outlets and ovens/stoves. Fires are also more likely to happen in very arid climates, such as desserts or high mountain environments, and can sometimes affect entire neighborhoods or even cities at once. Because of its ability to spread quickly and destroy nearly any material in its path so completely, fire damage restoration is one of the most necessary and heavily used damage restoration services. The destruction of the fire itself is not the only issue of concern in fire damage, however. According to, while smoke can seem to dissipate, it actually remains as a thin film over everything.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Like with water damage restoration, the first step in fire restoration is a thorough inspection. Then, the restoration team will board up any pieces of wall, doors, or windows that were compromised during the fire, which is very common. They may also need to tarp the roof if the roof was compromised. They will then actually follow the water removal process above if water damage took place during or after the fire. They will then use specialized equipment to remove all smoke and soot from surfaces, and finally, clean and sanitize your belongings.

Mold Damage

mold damage restoration services

In climates that are more damp and humid, mold can pose a major issue to a homeowner. Mold spreads extremely quickly, and one spore can travel through the air to land on an opposite wall, where it begins to grow and thrive, which can cost more to repair when you use damage restoration services. Mold is especially a nuisance in bathrooms that are not adequately ventilated and in dark, damp corners of the house, like laundry rooms and around window panes. Mold can be harmful to people, as well as animals. So while this type of damage is not as sudden and frightening as the damage caused by fire or water events, mold damage in a home is ultimately even more dangerous over time because of its inconspicuous nature.

“Leaving a mold problem untreated can result in structural damage to your home and possibly thousands in repairs.”

Mold Damage Restoration Process

Many people have severe mold allergies, and all people and pets are vulnerable to the specific type of mold called black mold, which can cause severe neurological symptoms. This type of mold is common in humid climates such as Seattle, Washington. Mold damage is also closely related to water damage. If your home has suffered water damage, it is important to make sure that you are also removing any possibility of the home developing mold in the areas that have been damaged and severely affected by water.

After a thorough inspection, the mold removal and damage restoration services specialist will contain the mold-affected areas with physical barriers to prevent the spores from spreading during the restoration process. Then, they will filter and clean the air using heavy-duty HEPA filtration systems and treat the colonies with anti-fungal and antimicrobial treatments. Any drywall, carpeting, or other materials that were affected by the mold must be removed. Finally, they will remove any belongings that were possibly affected, including clothing, clean them using anti-fungal treatments and then return them safely to your home.

Call a Professional

Whichever kind of damage affects your home, the most important part of damage restoration is calling for damage restoration services sooner, rather than later. When damage affects your home, call around for damage restoration services or a professional company to get your home back to the way you like it.

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