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If you have been facing wet basement problems time and again in your home, you need effective wet basement solutions. To get such solutions, you should have your basement checked properly for common problems. This is very important because water can destroy the floors, walls, carpeting, and furniture in your home. The damage can be quick or take time and eventually ruin your property without your realization.

Perhaps, the worst thing is that most basements are used to store valuable items, and downstairs water can damage some irreplaceable items such as photo albums, family heirlooms, and antiques. When you realize that your basement has been flooded, it is important to engage professionals so that you can determine whether this water problem will reoccur or whether it was an event that will occur once only. This way, you will know whether it is safe to leave your valuables downstairs after cleaning the mess.

What happens?

Apart from the observable flooding in a home and probably the neighborhood, several water sources may enter the basement of your property.

These include:

  • Surface water that can run down the walls of the foundation of your home
  • Groundwater from the saturated soils that hydrostatic pressure pushes to the basement
  • Water from a storm sewer from a sewer system of the municipal that backs up into the perimeter of the foundation drain of an existing home and eventually leak into its basement
  • Water from a sanitary sewer that originates from a clog of the sewer line of your home, combined sanitary or storm municipal sewer systems that back up into the drain system of your home causing rising of the sewer water via floor drains and sink drains in lower levels

There are different particularities of every source, and each requires a specific action to be taken. You can learn more about the appropriate action to take from professional plumbers or contractors.

Common Wet Basement Solutions

wet basement solutions for a web basement

There are common wet basement solutions that can be employed when dealing with wet basement problems. They include the following:

Insulating the Basement

Some wet basement problems are caused by humidity issues that can be addressed by insulating the basement. You can use an automatic dehumidifier, although insulating the basement is the best wet basement solution. Foam tubing can be used to insulate the basement because it helps prevent the dripping of cold water from the pipes. However, you should insulate your dehumidifier and run it along with the other wet basement solutions.

Perimeter Drain Addition

Whether you hire a contractor or do this yourself, your drain will always collect the rising groundwater from draining it away from your building’s foundation. Ensure protection for your perimeter drain from clogging and damage using a gravel fill. It would be best to use pipes with integrated filters to ensure that clay soil and silt do not clog the pipes.

Design Your Landscape Properly

The basement is beneath the ground. To deal with wet basement problems, go outside of your house to see whether the earth around the house slopes away from the wall of its foundation. If this is the case, then you need to consider other causes of wet basement problems. However, if the earth slopes towards the basement wall of your house, you need to remove shrubs in your backyard to make the necessary corrections.

Install Monitoring Sensors

You can detect water leaks before they cause a major problem using a valve and floor sensors. Some sensors will turn off the power and shut leaky valves off when tripped. Today, there are many home control and sensor systems that you can use to get alerts via email or text when the sensors are tripped. It is advisable to consult professionals for guidance on the ideal sensors to install in your home.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Injections

If you notice that wet basement problems in your home are due to cracks on the basement wall, you can use epoxy or polyurethane injection. These repair cracks on the foundation wall preventing water from getting into the basement. They can be used to prevent water that comes from different sources from making your basement wet.

Exterior Waterproofing

This web basement solution entails repairing foundation cracks from the outside. It can also include replacing the damaged drains and tiles.

Installing Window Well Drains

This solves the wet basement problem by preventing water entry into the basement through and around the basement windows.

Installing a Sump Pump

This is an ideal solution for wet basement problems caused by water beneath the basement floor. It provides drainage for such water, which keeps the basement dry.

Lawn Irrigation

It is important to avoid irrigating lawn adjacent to your house when implementing any wet basement solutions. However, if you cannot do this, instruct the person responsible for irrigating the lawn to reduce the amount of water dispersed close to your house. Ensure that a working gauge is included in your irrigation system to ensure that it is turned off when there is sufficient rain.

Conduct Some Research

Basically, the best-wet basement solutions are arrived at after conducting some research in and around your house. These wet basement solutions also work better when combined because wet basement problems can be due to water from different sources. Conducting some research will enable you to know the appropriate measures to minimize the amount of water that enters your basement from the surrounding.

Nevertheless, the best solution to wet basement problems is to seek professional assistance. This is because you might not have time to conduct the extensive research required to determine the exact cause of the problem. Additionally, you may lack the necessary skills for solving the problem. Visit websites that provide information about wet basement solutions, and you will get more information about wet basement problems from such sources and their most effective solutions.

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