Identify Black Mold Asheville, NC

Before you can identify black mold, you need to know what it is. The scientific name for it is Stachybotrys chartarum, and it is a potentially deadly mold that releases airborne spores.

The first sign of a black mold infestation will most likely be the distinct sickly sweet scent the spore colony gives off. If you smell this, you need to start looking around carefully, especially in dark, damp areas for the black mold.

If you see dark green/black mold dots in varying sizes on your wall, you may have a toxic mold infestation. Black mold often grows on flat surfaces with different-sized dots. The dots will give off a musty odor. However, if they’ve been there for a while and have already dried out, they will appear ashy. If you find this ash consistency, it just means that the black mold has spread to another area to grow a larger colony. A black mold colony will only live in a place as long as it offers ample resources to sustain it. As the black mold outgrows one space, it moves on to another; this migration of the colony can occur over a very short period of time. Effectively causing a small black mold colony to grow across your home at an exponential rate.

It is easy to confuse different types of molds with each other since they often have similar characteristics. The only real way to confirm the presence of black mold is by having a test done, but since all mold types can cause health issues, it does not make a difference whether a home has black mold or a different kind of mold. It must be removed, regardless.

It is important to remember that black mold can be hazardous. If you discover black mold, do not hesitate to call an expert mold removal company as soon as possible!

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