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Secure Restoration is a company that has been offering water damage restoration in Asheville NC, for years, and we understand how extensive and expensive the damages can be. Water damage can happen from floods or internal factors like plumbing issues, but the following tips help keep our clients safe.

Install a Sump Pump or Foundation Vents

Sump pumps are devices installed at the lowest part of the house meant to pump underground water away from the foundation and pipes. They help maintain the house’s structural integrity and prevent mold and mildew. We recommend that clients buy sump pipes with battery backups or install UPS in case of power outages. While they may seem like a hefty investment, they are cheaper than a water damage service in the long run.

Count on Our Mold Remediation Service

We understand that it can be a serious problem. Not only can it cause property damage but also result in a number of health issues. Fortunately, our team offers mold remediation. Our mold removal services are comprehensive, as we specialize in the initial testing all the way to the cleanup and remediation. This also saves you money by minimizing the expenses related to widespread mold problems.

Check and Repair Roofs, Gutters, and Downspouts

Many clients consider roof maintenance costly, but it comes nowhere close to water damage repair. We recommend that clients have their roofs, gutters, and downpours inspected and cleaned at least once a year–or twice if they have trees around the home. This way, professionals can repair leaks, replace missing shingles, and ensure the gutters will not drain excess water at the house’s base.

Check and Seal the Windows

Water damage is often caused by faulty seals in windows. As a water damage restoration company, we know how to identify gaps in windows that other people might miss. We ensure to seal and caulk them, especially those in the basement, but sometimes, we recommend installing new ones.

Install Flood Detection Systems and Water Sensors

The main thing determining the success of a water damage cleanup is how fast the water was removed from the house. Having sensors and flood detection systems alerts the homeowner of any water in the home as soon as it starts seeping in.

Have Flood Skirts and Barriers

Installing flood skirts and barriers to doors, windows, and around air bricks helps prevent water from entering the home. Sandbags are also a good idea for emergencies. Always work closely with a trusted water remediation company to ensure your home is flood-proof.

At Secure Restoration, you’ve got a reliable partner that’s dedicated to restoring your home. You can count on us for quality water removal services and so much more. Contact us today to get a free estimate!