Damp and mold growth problem around a window

Mold prevention is an essential part of home maintenance. Unfortunately, keeping your home mold-free isn’t such an easy task–especially if there are particularly damp areas around the house. The good news is that Secure Restoration can help you through our mold removal services.

Below are the essential tips you need to remember to help keep your home mold-free:

Keep All Areas Clean

Careful daily cleaning and rinsing will help remove mold from your home. Wetting down affected carpeting and blotting out affected areas can keep mold from spreading. You may also want to consider air filtration systems to help remove spores released into your home.

Use Air Filtration Systems

This is a must-have when it comes to mold removal in your house. Air filtration systems have been proven to be very efficient in removing spores from the air and are worth investing in as soon as possible.

Act Quickly

Though mold growth can seem like an unpreventable prospect at times, it can be stopped before it spreads. Mold prevention can be done by sealing the area off or removing the source of the mold. Mold cleaning services are available to help you slow down mold growth if it has spread and is affecting your health.

Test the Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality testing prevents indoor allergies and could prevent future health problems. The purpose of indoor air quality testing is to look for mold growth and to identify if the air mix is harmful to your health. A good mold remediation company should provide air quality testing services as part of their service.

Call in the Professionals

While makeshift solutions can provide temporary respite from mold growth at home, remember that you still need to call a professional company to get the job done. Professional technicians can do mold remediation in Asheville NC, with the equipment and expertise to safely remove mold from your house.

When it comes to removing mold from your home, remember these tips. For quality mold inspection and remediation services, trust only our expert team at Secure Restoration.

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