Water damage restoration services are services aimed at helping homeowners and businesses deal with damage to their properties caused by water. Water damage can be the result of a burst pipe or water main, a storm, a flood, or a leak. In other cases, it might be the gradual and cumulative result of water seeping through the walls, poor ventilation, or leaking gutters. Why Water Damage Restoration is Important No matter the type of water damage you are facing, it is highly important to ensure that you deal with it quickly and efficiently. Water damage on any scale is very serious as it can cause a large number of different problems. These include Health Problems Even minor water damage can cause serious health problems as you and your family will be breathing in mold and moisture from the atmosphere. Breathing in mold spores can often lead to asthma and eczema and in severe cases it can even lead to poisoning. While this is rare, it can actually be fatal in some cases. In more ‘acute’ cases of water damage caused by floods and sudden deluges, you and your family might be in immediate danger from things like electric shocks, crumbling or deteriorating construction, or other similar problems. If your property has been flooded, then you should evacuate the premises and leave them to the water damage restoration services. Finally, if the water is contaminated, then this can also put you at serious risk. Water will be graded by water damage restoration companies as being ‘white’, ‘gray’, or “black” – with black being seriously contaminated water that poses an immediate danger to your health. Blackwater includes water from sewage and from toilets where it may contain feces. Property Damage Of course water leaks can present serious risks to your property and belongings and can cause severe damage. Carpets will have to be completely discarded where they absorb ‘black’ water that has been contaminated, while the same is true for drywall, mattresses, pillows, and more. Electrical appliances can be completely destroyed by water potentially costing thousands, while documents, art, books, and more can all be severely damaged too. More worrying still is that water can end up getting into the foundations of the building potentially compromising the structural integrity of your building. Paint can come off walls, while furniture can become waterlogged and smelly. The Role of Water Damage Restoration Companies

water damage restoration

For all these reasons, it is very important to use water damage restoration companies whenever you face any kind of water damage. These companies will provide a wide range of services that together help you to minimize damage, save money, save your items of sentimental value and ensure the safety of you and your family. So with that in mind, what precise services do these companies provide? 24-Hour Emergency Response The best water damage restoration companies offer 24-hour emergency response ensuring that they can come out quickly to deal with influxes of water. If you have a burst pipe or water tank, or if your home is flooding or being filled with rain, then these companies will come out quickly and find and stop the source of the water. Finding a company that offers 24-hour emergency services is very important. When you have large amounts of water flooding your property, every second counts and can represent thousands of dollars in property destruction. Removal and Disposal In some cases it will be pertinent to quickly help you remove your belongings to prevent further damage. If for instance you still have water coming through your ceiling, you may need to remove your furniture so that you can avoid it absorbing more water. At the same time, you might need to completely dispose of some of your items. This will be the case if the water that is flooding your property is ‘black’. Black or category three water is water that is potentially toxic due to contaminates. Often this water will contain feces, rainwater, or sewage. If this has been absorbed by drywall or by mattresses, then they will need to be disposed of. Water Removal, Drying and Cleaning The next job for a water damage restoration company will be to remove the water that might be flooding your property. This will involve the use of large pumps and depending on the severity of the event these may even be mounted onto trucks. Once all the water has been removed, your belongings and even the air in your home will be dried out. The company will use probes and infrared sensors here to ensure that the premises are completely dried through which is very important in order to avoid the damage from progressing further or leading to other issues such as problems with the structural integrity of your property or mold spreading around your home. After this, the water damage restoration company will then clean your property thoroughly using a variety of cleaning methods. This is very important – again because of potentially contaminated water which could be damaging to your health or your family’s health. Before you return to your home, your items must be thoroughly cleaned so that they won’t pose any health risk. Any bad odors caused by water damage will also be addressed. Repair and Reconstruction Finally, the technicians will go about repairing and reconstructing as much of the damage to your home as possible. This might involve fixing your roof, installing new carpets (if the carpet pads have been damaged), or repainting and retiling rooms. The water damage restoration company may also provide tips and advice on how to prevent future water damage – both gradual and acute. By providing all these services, water damage restoration companies make it possible for families and homeowners to return to normal life as soon as possible. They reduce the property damage caused and protect the health of residents and this is why they provide such a valuable service during calamitous events. Make sure you have the number of a good water damage restoration company saved in your phone!