Smoke-stained walls Hendersonville, NC

Fire is one of the most severely damaging setbacks you can have at home; it can be very hard to remediate. While some fires are put out before they can do significant damage, they can still leave behind a lot of smoke damage. At Secure Restoration, we are dedicated to helping our clients recover as much as possible from fire and smoke damage.

In our experience providing fire damage restoration in Hendersonville, NC, we’ve seen just how much smoke damage can ravage a home. Here are the most common ways it can do so and how we try to restore them.

Flooring and Walls

This is the first thing we look at when we start fire remediation. The smoke could stain the floor and walls and seep under them, leaving a permanent smoke smell. The floor and walls may either be repaired or replaced entirely–depending on the level of damage.


Carpets, rugs, and other synthetic items could become permanently stained. Cleaning and restoring them is possible if the fire has not damaged them. We use special cleaning products and equipment during the smoke damage restoration process because a regular vacuum could push the soot and smoke particles deeper into the fabrics.

Upholstery and Curtains

Just like carpets, upholstery and curtains could yellow and be permanently stained. The fire damage repair process we offer our client includes special products like alkaline cleaners to ensure that there are no traces of smoke.


Wooden furniture could stain, while metallic furniture could rust. Restoring them post-fire damage cleanup with the wrong products could damage the stain, paint, or finish used on the furniture.


Porcelain items like sinks and toilets usually stain, and the level of stain can even get worse depending on the amount of smoke and soot they are exposed to. Homeowners could wash the items with soap as a temporary solution, but it is ideal to get a professional smoke or fire damage restoration service.

Secure Restoration is the smoke and fire restoration company you can count on for restoration services that are dependable and budget friendly. Get a free estimate when you book our services today!