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When you find yourself in need of water damage restoration in Asheville, NC, the team at Secure Restoration is always available. To help you avoid the need for expensive repair and restoration services, it is important to know the warning signs. Reach out for help before you’re left with significant damage.

Challenges of dealing with water leaks in a home or residential building make the need for professional water removal services necessary. Without an expert’s tools and experience, you’ll face extensive damage and work that could take weeks to months to completely fix.

Increased Moisture and Mold Risk

One of the biggest challenges of residential water leaks is the increased humidity levels. It can lead to mold growth throughout the building. This mold can accumulate in walls, ductwork, and even under flooring.

Professional water damage cleanup is the best way to ensure you protect your property against the risks of leaks.

Safety Hazards

A water damage restoration company can provide a safe and effective way to remove water from a property without putting others’ safety at risk. They have the tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to remove water and restore property without compromising anyone’s health.

Water remediation requires extensive caution to prevent slips, falls, and injury. Our team can provide everything you need to keep you and your family safe.

Insurance Coverage

Performing water damage repair on your own is a risky business; Your insurance provider may not cover any additional damages you incur if they are not addressed by a professional.

Furthermore, the lack of water damage service from a professional company can lead to warranty voids. They can leave you stuck paying for new appliances and home systems, including an HVAC.

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