There are approximately 166,500 kitchen fires in the US each year. Here is a list of the steps to take in the event that your home suffers a kitchen fire and is in need of fire damage restoration.

Safety first, before entering a kitchen that has recently suffered a fire you must take precautions. Make sure all hazardous materials have been safely removed, and there are no active risks in the kitchen. Exposed electrical wires, jagged edges, or pooling water or fire retardant from the firefighting efforts. All of these potential hazards must be addressed before you even enter the kitchen.

It’s imperative that the damage to the kitchen is thoroughly documented. Taking pictures and writing explanations of what each picture is and how what’s pictured was damaged. Whether it’s been damaged by the fire, smoke, or even if the picture depicts damage from the firefighting efforts, it must be thoroughly documented. Then, an insurance adjuster will come and evaluate the damage.

The removal of all the damaged materials and surfaces is the next step of the fire damage restoration processes. It’s a tedious aspect, as smoke damage from fires usually spreads throughout the kitchen and sometimes spills out into the adjoining rooms. Which requires replacement of drywall and cabinetry and sometimes even appliances depending on the level of damage they’ve sustained.

Finally the rebuild, this is the final step of the fire damage restoration ordeal, and it is a major ordeal, sometimes spanning months and months. At this step, the kitchen is restored to its previous glory and depending on the check you get from the insurance company sometimes even more beautiful!

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