Restoring Sewage Damage Done to Your Home

Secure Restoration specializes in helping you recover and restore your property. Our job is to minimize the damage to your property by prompt and thorough action which will bring your contents and structure as close to pre-flooding condition as possible. We can restore sewage damaged carpets, contents and structural materials to pre-flood appearance or better. We specialize in sewage damage restoration and sewage removal. We will recommend the best and quickest way to remove sewage and restore the damaged home or business. Through restoring sewage damaged homes and water damaged businesses every day, we know that prompt action is required with any amount of sewage damage in order to prevent the formation and growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your home or business.

Our Sewage Damage Restoration Process

Upon entering your home or business

  • We use professional moisture detection equipment to evaluate and document the damage inside and outside the building.
  • We evaluate and document the source and the time of the sewage intrusion, visible deterioration, any pre-existing damage and microbial/mold growth.
  • We will establish drying goals for affected building materials and contents near the beginning of the restoration process.

If you’re in need sewage cleanup services in North Carolina or South Carolina, then contact Secure Restoration today! We offer 24/7 emergency response, call (828) 398-4177 for a free quote.