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Angie's List Super Service Award for Secure Restoration's water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services in Stuart (2012-2013)

  • I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results.

    Randall Silva ( Angieslist )

    I recently discovered that my condensate drain to one of my A/C air handlers was leaking behind a wall. Much to my dismay, the leak appeared to have been present for some time, and the area showed signs of mold. I called Secure Restoration and Zach immediately scheduled an appointment to examine the issue. He inspected the damaged area visually and tested the air quality. The results showed a very high amount of mold in the house from the leak damage, including some severe growth that built up on the internals of the air handler and ducts. Zach and his team immediately scheduled a time and got to work, thoroughly removing all affected drywall and related material. They sectioned off the area and successfully cleaned the walls and air with several air scrubbers. Additionally, this team is the most communicative and friendliest group of individuals I have ever hired (and I have hired many contractors). It starts with the founder, Zach. It is evident he has trained his team on the importance of communication and customer service. I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results. The remediation portion is now complete and they will soon begin the rebuilding phase.

  • This team is AWESOME! I'll never use anyone else.

    Karen Hill ( Angieslist )

    Zach was prompt in returning my call and setting up an appointment. He was on time. Neatly dress. He looked and acted in a professional manner. I took him to the kitchen and showed him the hole in the wall. He was very through. He checked under the dishwasher, under the cabinets, and all the surrounding areas. He asked many questions in regards to how long, if there was a leak, new renovations, etc. he also checked the AC unit and the hose bib on the side of the hose, which was leaking. He explained to me that it was in fact mold. That there was mold under the cabinets as well. He explained his process-that he would have a plumber come out. He asked if I had insurance as he would have to remove the cabinets, granite counter tops and backsplash. He explained the two feet rule in mold remediation. That he would try their best to not damage the granite, but it was common for that to happen. He explained his direct insurance billing and that I needed to notify my insurance carrier for an adjuster to come out. I felt comfortable with him to sign a contract for him to start the work.

  • We recommend them without reservation.

    Shelley Elias ( Google )

    Zach and his team at Secure Restoration Florida were absolutely terrific. The mold infestation was throughout our entire house, and we felt helpless with the problem. Zach assisted us all the way. His team was courteous, caring, and thorough. No other company could have done a better job. They took care of everything. We recommend them without reservation.

Welcome to Secure Restoration

  • Hurricane Restoration Services

    Wind damage can be severe extensive at the best of times but when hurricanes hit, they can result in absolute devastation leaving a property in ruins. This can be a highly traumatic experience for families, homeowners, and business owners no matter the extent of the destruction and can be very expensive of course as well.

    Fortunately, hurricane restoration services exist in these situations to help reverse as much of the damage as possible and to make it possible for those affected to return to life as normal expediently. Here we will look at the many roles of hurricane restoration services, as well as how you can prepare for a potential hurricane and minimize the damage.

    What Does a Hurricane do to a Property?

    Hurricane restoration for hurricane damage.Hurricanes can cause a huge amount of damage to any property and this is often more extensive than we realize until we experience it first-hand.

    The first threat from a hurricane comes in the form of the wind itself which is strong enough to rip off roofs in some cases, to pull fences out of the ground and to smash windows through pressure changes alone. This can also cause dirty water, mud, dust, and dirt to be slung across your building and completely destroy gutters and eavestroughs.

    An indirect result of this wind damage is that anything in your garden or in the surrounding area can become a dangerous projectile. If you have any rocks around your pond for instance, then a hurricane can pull them from the ground and smash them through your window, creating a very serious threat to your property and your health.

    Hurricane restoration will also often involve fire damage and water damage. This is because strong winds can burst pipes, collapse electric pylons, create holes in the wall and ceiling and break gas pipes. Often then, hurricane damage can cause explosions, fires, and floods and this is before you take into account the lightning and heavy rain that will often accompany a hurricane.

    This is just some of the damage that can be caused by a hurricane and that makes hurricane restoration so necessary. Let’s take a look at how these companies can then go about cleaning and restoring your home in the aftermath…

  • Storm Damage Restoration

    While storms might sound very frightening, in most cases they will pass without incident and there’s nothing really to be afraid of. In some rare cases, though, storms can cause problems and might result in severe damage to your property. In these situations, you will likely find yourself needing storm damage restoration. Read on and we’ll take a look at what this entails and at what you need to know.

    What is Storm Damage Restoration?

    Storm damage will usually mean damage caused by strong winds. In some cases, though, storm damage can also be the result of heavy rain, of hail, snow, and sleet and even of lightning. Thus, storm damage restoration might actually involve fire damage restoration, water damage restoration and a variety of other services combined.

    When looking for storm damage restoration services, you should always look around to try and find a company that will offer a comprehensive range of different services and repairs so that you can get your home entirely repaired by one company.

    You should also always look for emergency storm damage restoration. This means that the company will be able to come out quickly on short notice and at any time of day or day of the week. This is incredibly important because storm damage can often leave your property exposed and under continued pressure.

  • Wind Damage Restoration

    Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean that it can’t be highly destructive. Take wind for instance: while you can’t ‘see’ wind as such, it is nevertheless capable of creating a huge amount of destruction to residential and commercial properties and in some cases this damage can be long-lasting and extensive.

    Thankfully, wind damage restoration companies exist to help undo this damage as far as possible and this means that you don’t have to live in amongst the damage caused by a hurricane, a tornado or even just blustery weather.

    Here we will look at the precise damage that wind can cause to a property, as well as at the work that wind damage restoration companies perform to undo as much of this destruction as possible.

    What Does Wind Damage do to a Property?

    Tree destroys house due to wind damage. Wind Damage Restoration is for damages similar to this one.When you think of wind damage you might not at first realize the extent of the potential destruction. Strong winds can result in tiles, fencing and walls being ripped from the ground and this can result in gardens becoming exposed and rainwater getting into the home.

    More worryingly, storm damage can result in trees and other large objects being blown over. This, of course, can lead to severe indirect damage caused by that wind as trees can end up crashing through bedroom walls or crushing your garden.

    Wind damage can also throw up dust, debris, and stones at high velocities potentially smashing windows and shattering glass. What’s worse, they can potentially destroy important utilities around the house causing power outages or even floods as water mains and pipes burst or are destroyed.

    Through all these different means, storm damage can wreak serious havoc on your property and cause fire damage, water damage and all kinds of other issues.

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