If your home has been subjected to mold from water damage, then it’s highly important to do everything you can to solve the issue quickly and efficiently. Mold from water damage is one of the worst types of damage for any property and can cause extensive problems, potentially even spreading throughout your premises and leading to more mold, health problems, and other issues.

There are various different types of water damage and a number of ways that water damage restoration companies can help you to deal with these. Read on and we will look at some of the different services that you can get and how they can help with various types of water damage.

Subtle Mold from Water Damage and Seepage

Subtle Mold

While some types of water damage will be immediately obvious, others tend to stay under the radar for long. In some cases, you will find that mold from water damage can accumulate over time if you have a leak or if water is somehow seeping into your building. This is a common problem in basements for instance and it can also be an issue if you poor ventilation in your bathrooms, or if you have a small leak in a wall or a roof. Likewise, if your eaves troughs are leaking or overflowing then this can cause water to run down the side of your building which can also be very damaging over time.

In any of these scenarios that mold from water damage can occur in, it might negatively affect the structural integrity of your property or that might cause even more mold and health issues. While this type of water damage isn’t as dramatic as say a burst pipe or a nearby flood from a river, it is no less potentially damaging if it goes unnoticed. Moisture damage can be very difficult to get rid of as it will often spread through your property and lead to mold. At the same time, breathing in moisture and mold spores can lead to asthma, eczema and even poisoning. Meanwhile, moisture can also make it more difficult to heat your home as the water will steal heat from the walls it comes into contact with. If your walls reach ‘dew point temperature’ then they can be very difficult to heat. Overall, this can be a serious issue and it’s something that you should deal with promptly.

If you suspect you might have this kind of mold from water damage, then it’s important to diagnose the problem early by looking for potential signs of it.

Potential signs of gradual mold from water damage include:

  • Pooling water/puddles
  • Soft or peeling surfaces
  • Tiles coming away from walls
  • Moist smells
  • Difficulty heating
  • Discoloration in the form of faded paint and growing mold
  • Health issues – difficulty breathing, cold symptoms
  • Sounds of running or dripping water
  • Watermarks on the walls

If you have this type of mold from water damage, then a water damage repair company can help you to identify the source of the problem and to plug the water that is leaking. This might involve repairing a crack or other kind of damage to your walls or roofing. Alternatively, it might mean repairing pipes or adding insulation or ventilation.

To perform these services, companies use a variety of tools and sensors such as probes and infrared sensors which they can use to track down the source of the leak and to ascertain the full extent of the damage. This way, these companies can be fully sure that they have fully dealt with the problem, rather than risk letting the problem continue. Tools like dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and submersible pumps will be used to quickly and effectively remove all the moisture from the premises far more effectively than would be possible otherwise.

At the same time, water damage restoration companies will also be able to repair the damage that is caused by replacing drywall and carpet as well as to provide mold remediation services, to combat bad odors and to generally stop the problem in its tracks.

Severe and Extensive Mold From Water Damage

Mold From Water Damage

In other cases, mold from water damage can be caused by a sudden deluge of water. This might be the result of a burst pipe, or a large spill, of a hole in your roof caused by a storm, etc. In any of these cases, it is crucial to find a water damage restoration company that provides 24-hour emergency services. These companies will come out at any time of day in order to quickly and efficiently identify the source of the water and to stop it.

The next step here will then be to remove any furniture that is at risk of further damage as well as additional belongings. Depending on the nature of the water damage, it may be necessary for you to vacate the premises as well in order to avoid potential health risks (such as an electric shock which could occur if your electrical appliances get submerged). Furniture will also be moved to create space for the restoration company to do their work and to make sure they can reach areas that need to be addressed.

Here the large pumps and even truck-mounted units come into their own for quickly moving vast amounts of standing water. At the same time, other tools such as air scrubbers and carpet cleaners and more will be used to dry and clean your belongings. Depending on the type of water that caused the damage (water is rated on a scale of 1-3 denoting how dirty it is), items may need to be discarded for hygiene purposes.

Finally, reconstruction services may be used to repair damage to your property and belongings and to reverse some of the issues caused by the water.

Finding the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

Mold Restoration Company

Regardless of which type of water damage you are facing, it is necessary to find the right mold & water damage restoration company to help you address the issue. Make sure to browse and compare different services and to read reviews. Look for a company that offers 24-hour emergency services and which can help you with additional services such as removals and construction.

When you are in need of a mold damage repair company in Jupiter, Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or Wellington FL or in Asheville, NC contact Secure Restoration.