Flooded living room

Experiencing a household flooding incident is likely one of the most troublesome and stressful events a homeowner can go through. As various causes can lead to flooding in a home, it’s wise to be prepared for the possibility that your house will always flood, however unlikely. If addressed promptly, not only will the amount of damage that occurs be reduced, but the water removal services such as the cleanup and repair processes will also be simplified.

From Secure Restoration, the leading name for water damage restoration in Asheville, NC, here are the important things you need to do after your house floods.

Think Safety First

Safety should always come first. Make sure you and your family are okay before addressing the damage to your home. Before examining the extent of the damage, wear protective gear like rubber boots and gloves before reentering your home. Not only will you have to deal with the water itself, but also any debris or waste it may have picked up along the way. The water may have carried harmful substances, so it’s in your best interest to be cautious as you proceed with the water damage cleanup.

Call in the Professionals

Cleaning and renovation are tough prospects and are best done by professionals. When you call for water damage service, it’s more likely to return your home to its pre-damage state. Water damage specialists extract moisture from the subfloor, carpeting, drywall, and ceiling. It is necessary to use specific water cleansing solutions when dealing with furniture and other personal goods. All impacted areas are cleaned using equipment and supplies to eliminate the potential for further damage.


The most time-consuming part of water damage repair after a house flood is likely to be the aftermath. Damaged belongings, ruined flooring, and cracked glass are all possible outcomes of water seeping into your home. After receiving compensation for covered losses from your insurer, you will be entitled to hire a contractor, if necessary. Carefully board any broken windows and remove any hazardous materials from flooding areas.

If you don’t take the time to clean up after a flood thoroughly with the help of a water damage restoration company, you can find yourself facing large and costly repairs to portions of your home that you haven’t even noticed were affected. This could endanger the safety of your home’s electrical system and lead to costly repairs.

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