Flooded home restoration Asheville, NC!

If your home is in an area at high risk of floods, you face an approximately 25% chance of one happening throughout a 30-year mortgage. More than that, you can also have flooding due to burst pipes and various other plumbing emergencies. A house flood can impact your home in many different ways.

Here at Secure Restoration, we offer and know the potential risks which is why we offer water damage restoration in Asheville, NC.

Property Damage

Water can damage your prized possessions in a flash and even compromise your home’s structure if left unchecked. When you call a water damage restoration company to do their work, they will be thorough. They have to check everything for water damage, from personal items stored in your attic to possible cracks or shifting in the foundation.

Lurking Dangers

Structural damage might involve walls cracking and crumbling or metal structures rotting and rusting. Standing water can breed insects, bacteria, and mold, and there might be damage to appliances, electrical systems, food, and water connections that all pose health threats to your family. Water damage repair services must be prepared to work in your home without active electricity for safety reasons.

Financial Setback

Most homeowners’ insurance policies will only cover flood damage with a specific add-on or extra coverage. If a water damage service doesn’t restore your home’s physical structure and possessions, you might pay out of pocket to replace it.

Home Value Depreciation

If you ever decide to sell your home, then you might have to disclose instances of significant flooding. You might need documentation and proof that a reputable water remediation company fixed things up. Buyers might leverage lower purchase prices out of lingering concerns.

Security and Peace of Mind

Since flooding and water damage can compromise the structural integrity of your home, it’s understandable if you lose sleep over it. This is why prompt water damage cleanup services are a must after a flooding incident as the damage can be kept to a minimum.

For dependable water removal services, home and business owners in the area trust only Secure Restoration. You can rest easy knowing you’re safe and secure because it’s us who are on the job. Get a free estimate by calling us today!