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Having a house fire can be an incredibly frightening and traumatic experience. Even if the fire itself is relatively small and doesn’t travel far around the house, it can nevertheless cause a lot of damage to your property some of which will take a long time to reverse.

This is why fire damage cleaning is such an important service and why you should make sure you always have the number of a fire damage cleaning company to hand in the case of emergency.

So if you get fire damage cleaning then, what should you expect that to entail? Read on and we’ll look at some of the things that these companies do to help repair buildings and restore them to livable conditions.

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Emergency Response

The Role of a fire damage cleaning company

The first and most important thing to look for when choosing fire damage cleaning company to go with for your services is an emergency response. What this essentially means is that the company should be available 24 hours a day and ready to come out in a hurry to help you repair and restore your home.

It’s very important that you find fire damage cleaning companies that offer to come out quickly because it’s only that way that you can avoid further damage being caused to your premises. If you have a hole in your roof for instance, in your wall or even in a pipe, this can lead to water damage that will build up until addressed.

While it is the job of the fire department to help you put out fires in your building, it is the fire damage cleaning company that will help to seal your property again so that you can at least sleep there and know that it isn’t going through further damage.


Once the company has seen your property and helped to prevent further damage, their next job will be to assess the extent of the damage and to make some kind of plan of action. This is an important step as it will enable them to give you some kind of timeline for the reparations and an expected price quote.

The key thing to remember here is that not all the damage to your property will be visible damage. Smoke can cause odor problems and damage in adjacent rooms and other areas that were directly affected by the fire and fire damage cleaning companies need to identify the extent of this damage and then decide how involved the repair is going to be.

Removal and Disposal

Fire damage restoration companies will often offer removal and disposal services and this is one of the things they will do first when they start addressing the damage to your premises. Here, the intention is to remove your items that might be ‘beyond saving’. If something has been completely engulfed in smoke or if the fire has burned it to a cinder, then it will need to be disposed of. In these cases, it’s always useful to have the help of fire damage cleaning companies when it comes to dragging your items out of there and disposing of them in an eco-friendly manner. This may also involve the removal of furniture, cabinets, countertops, and other fittings.


You might wonder why fire damage cleaning company would ever need to dry anything. In fact, though, this is commonly necessary owing to the fact that fires can lead to burst pipes, tanks, and water mains as well as leaving your property exposed to the elements.

In some cases, you might have large amounts of standing water and in those cases, these companies will need to pump the water away with submersible pumps – often while attached to trucks.

Next up, the surfaces will be thoroughly dried and moisture may be removed from the air using dehumidifiers.


Next up, your fire damage restoration company will begin to clean your premises. This will involve removing any stains from smoke, soot or dust that results from the fire. As well, areas that came into contact with potentially contaminated water will also need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized lest they lead to infection. This process also needs to carefully remove any odors that can otherwise linger following a fire.

Restoration and Remodeling

Once everything is clean, dry, and sanitized, your fire damage cleaning company can then begin actually making repairs and restoring your premises. The very best fire damage cleaning companies will actually be capable of offering the full range of remodeling services, thus meaning that they can repaint your walls, install new carpets, fix cabinets where possible, replace drywall, and more.

All this will help you to get your home looking not just as good as new but potentially even better.

How to Prevent Fires and Prepare for Them

In some cases, fires will be avoidable. If you suspect that the fire that affected your property could have been avoided, then you should look into making changes around your home to make sure they don’t happen again.

Long grass outside can be a fire hazard if it is dry and the weather is hot. Likewise, cooking appliances can often cause fires if they are left unattended. Make sure to maintain your home and to think carefully about the possible fire hazards in your home.

It’s also a good idea to install things that can help you in the case of a fire. A good example of this is, of course, a smoke alarm which will give you an early warning of a potential fire so that you can quickly get out of the property and call the fire department before it spirals too far out of control.

Fire doors can also be useful and extinguishers in commercial properties. Some fires will always be unavoidable and out of your control, however – such as fires caused by neighbors while you’re out. Make sure you’re prepared then by having full contents insurance and by keeping the number of good fire damage cleaning companies in your phone.

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