Experiencing fire and smoke damage to your home is awful and traumatic. If you’re googling this out of necessity, I feel your pain. If you follow these steps, it’ll make your fire and smoke damage restoration processes as smooth as possible.

1. Contact Professional Fire Restoration Company

Stop what you’re doing and call a fire restoration company right away. The longer you wait after a fire and smoke event in your home, the worse the damage will get. Most companies will offer a free consultation or charge a small fee to come out and assess the damage.

2. Emergency Tarping

The next step is putting a fire and smoke restoration plan in place and also tarping up any holes in your roof, windows, or walls. It is of paramount importance to form the plan for fire and smoke damage restoration as early as possible as well as doing what you can to stop the damage from becoming worse.

3. Removal of Fire and Smoke Damage

The third step is removing the damaged materials from your home. When there’s smoke damage, there is probably fire damage, and when the fire department is involved, things usually get wet. When cleaning up fire and smoke damage, it is common to discover some water damage. For this reason, it’s important to be very thorough when removing the damaged materials. The last thing you want after having a fire, smoke, and water restoration completed is to have to pay for a mold removal job a few months later!

4. Restoration of Your Home

The fourth and final step after everything has been cleaned and removed is rebuilding the space. Remodeling and restoring your home is the best part because you get to buy new things, well I guess it depends on how you look at it. Try to enjoy it cause you have to do it anyway, and if you have a good insurance adjuster, you will get a fair amount of money to replace all of your destroyed belongings.

If you have just experienced fire and smoke damage, call Secure Restoration for all fire, smoke, and water restoration needs. We are proud to serve Asheville, Fairview, and Montreat, NC.