Fire-damaged home

Household fires can be devastating. Not only do they cause physical damage to your home, but they can also lead to emotional distress. In most cases, household fires are preventable. By knowing and understanding the most common causes of household fires, you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

As a trusted company for fire damage restoration in Asheville, NC, Secure Restoration Company, the common causes of household fires in the United States are:


Cooking fires are usually caused by unattended cooking, grease build-up, or electrical mishaps. The most common type of cooking fire is the grease fire. Grease fires occur when grease is built on your stovetop or in your oven. When this grease gets hot, it can ignite and cause a fire which can not only damage your property and endanger your life, but also necessitate a fire damage cleanup in its wake.


Heating fires are most common in the winter months. They are usually caused by space heaters, fireplaces, and furnaces. If you have a fireplace, make sure that the flue is open when you use it. This will allow the smoke to escape and prevent a fire from starting and saving you from a potentially extensive fire damage restoration service.


Electrical fires are caused by faulty wiring, overloaded outlets, and electrical appliances. If you have old or damaged wiring in your home, it is essential to have it repaired or replaced by a fire restoration company.


If you smoke, always use a deep ashtray. Never leave lit cigarettes unattended. Be sure to extinguish them completely before throwing them away. If you are using a fireplace or stove, never throw ashes into them. Instead, dispose of them in a metal container outside. Smoke damage restoration experts can also help you remove the smell of smoke from your home.


Children may play with matches or lighters or accidentally start a fire while playing with toys. Keeping matches and lighters out of their reach is essential if you have young children in your home. Be sure to teach them about fire safety and what to do if they see a fire, including fire remediation.


Candles may be left unattended or placed too close to flammable objects. If you use candles, keep them in a safe place where they cannot be knocked over and start a fire. Be sure to extinguish them before you leave the room to prevent mishaps that will require a fire damage repair procedure.

Household fires are preventable. By taking some simple precautions, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from its devastating effects.

Secure Restoration has the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of fire damage refurbishment, from smoke and soot removal to rebuilding your home. We understand the emotional trauma of dealing with the aftermath of a fire and will work with you every step to ensure that your home is restored. Contact us today for a free consultation!