Odor Removal Services

Odor removal services are services that help to permanently remove lingering odors from premises as well as to provide general cleaning and sanitization in many cases.

While many of us have rooms that might smell a little musky, sometimes an odor can create a severe problem for a property and cause a lot of damage to a business. Sever odors might suggest a more serious hygiene problem or potentially a gas leak or a water leak. Moreover, they can present health risks and can certainly drive away potential customers and make working conditions hard.

In the home, odor removal is equally vital as an unpleasant smell can make it very difficult to get to sleep, can impact on your health and may even affect the smell of your clothes, foods and other items around the property.

Here we will look at what odor removal typically entails and at how these odors occur in the first place.

Causes of Odors

There are many reasons that a residential or commercial property might require odor removal. Normally this is not a reflection on your hygiene!

One common need for odor removal is that you have had some other form of property damage. In the case of water damage or a water leak, for instance, you might have contaminated dark water covering your surfaces, your furniture, and your fittings and this can then, in turn, lead to an unpleasant scent being left behind.

Water damage also leads to mold and mold can also create a very unpleasant musty smell. This is particularly true in the case of black mold which is often described as ‘toxic mold’. This is a good example of when a bad odor can be indicative of something more serious.

Likewise, bad odors can also be the result of fire damage. Fire, of course, causes smoke and soot and this can travel through the whole property and leave a smell behind that is very difficult to get rid of.

Other common causes include infestations (which result in droppings and animal corpses), gas leaks, sewage leaks and cigarette smoke that has become sealed in the walls. You may even want to use an odor removal company to get rid of a pet smell if you no longer have animals.

How Odor Removal Companies Work

Blue odor used as an example of odor removal services.When you hire an odor removal company, the first thing they will normally do will be to assess the source of the odor and to deal with that promptly if they can. In the case of a smell left behind by a family pet this is of course not an option but if you have a water leak, if your carpet is rotting or if you have mold, then odor removal services will be able to find these and put a stop to them.

To do this, these companies will use a number of specialist tools such as infrared sensors to trace things like moisture. At the same time, they might also have to lift carpet or even look inside wall cavities if there’s a chance you have black mold.

Once the cause of the odor has been dealt with, the odor removal company will then go on to clean and sanitize the area. This is very important not only to ensure that the smell has been removed but also to make sure that there are no hygiene problems caused by the smell.

In some cases, this might mean removing and disposing of items that have been badly affected. For instance, if you have had water damage affecting a carpet and it has been absorbed by the carpet pad, then the carpet may need to be fully removed. Likewise, if a piece of furniture has been damaged by fire then it might be thrown out. A good odor removal company should handle this part of the process for you as well to save you time and work and to create the space you need.

Odor removal companies might also provide a range of services that supplement their primary objectives. For instance, an odor removal company may be able to help with carpet cleaning using a wet vacuum and detergent to thoroughly clean it. At the same time, they might also be able to provide duct and HVAC cleaning to remove dust, dirt, dander, mold and more from your ventilation and thereby prevent it from being circulated around your property. If the walls have been affected by mold, damp or smoke, then repainting may be necessary.

By the end of the process, odor removal companies should leave your property with no lingering smell and you should feel more comfortable in your property as well as having no remaining concerns about health and hygiene.

Finding an Odor Removal Company

When choosing odor removal services, it’s always a good idea to read reviews to ensure that the company has a good track record and good reviews. Furthermore, it’s useful to look at the website to make sure that the company looks professional and capable. Make sure to note the services provided and remember that you may need additional services such as carpet cleaning/installation or mold remediation – check that the company offers the full range of services you are likely to want.

Looking for IICRC accreditation (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) can also be a good way to ensure the company is reputable and reliable.

Tips for Odor Removal and Prevention

To prevent odors yourself, make sure to clean the premises regularly and to act early if you notice any unusual smells. Many causes of odor – such as damp, infestation or mold – will get worse over time if left. At the same time, it’s important to regularly maintain your property and to invest in good insulation, windows, roofing and eaves troughs. Stay on top of these things and the chances of an odor setting in diminish.

While you wait for odor removal services, you can try using a detergent of some kind yourself, airing the rooms and potentially masking the smells with air fresheners and other products designed to improve the smell.

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