Floors, Walls, & Ceilings

Companies that offer to maintain, clean and restore floors, walls & ceilings may offer a variety of different jobs and services in order to keep your home looking its very best and to help you stay healthy and hygienic all year round. Here we will look at what is meant by floors, walls & ceilings and at how these services can benefit you.

Cleaning and Painting Services

Floors, walls & ceilings require several different services and jobs to keep them well maintained. Which ones you need will depend on the condition of your property, as well as your current décor, fittings, and colorings.

Here are a few of the things that floors, walls & ceilings can involve…


Carpet Cleaning

While you can vacuum carpets yourself, this isn’t enough to remove the tiny particles of dust, dander, and dirt that can get trapped deep in the fibers. Getting your carpets washed leaves them looking brand new by using wet vacuums and detergents and it makes the whole property look much newer.

Carpet Installation

In some cases, you might need an entirely new carpet. In this case, a company can recommend the best new carpets and put them in place for you so that your whole home gets a new look.

Waxing and Polishing

On the other hand, if you have a stone floor or a wooden floor, then you might instead need waxing and polishing which can likewise make the surface look cleaner and newer. You may even need sanding which can level off a wooden floor and make it look more even. This can also prevent accidents.



Your wall might need cleaning which can involve either lightly scrubbing and dusting or a thorough hose down for outside walls.


An extra lick of paint can make a huge difference to your walls and can really brighten them up as they start to look old and dull.


Likewise, adding new wallpaper can also make a big difference to your home when old layers are starting to look dated or stained.


If your wall looks bumpy then re-plastering can smooth it out which has a surprisingly big impact.



If you have a high ceiling, then cleaning it can be hard work so it makes sense to leave it to professionals who can do a thorough job.


Repainting a ceiling is often an even more difficult job. Professional floors, walls & ceilings companies will handle this process and make the whole room look brighter once again.

Why it Matters

When you think about it, your floors, walls & ceilings make up the largest surface area in your home. As such, if you get these properly maintained and cleaned then you can be sure that your home will remain looking its best as well. Getting your walls regularly repainted and your carpets cleaned can make your whole space appear much cleaner. Likewise, when walls and ceilings are cleaner, they also tend to look lighter, reflect more light and thus make the entire space seem much larger. If you’re looking for a way to instantly make your home appear cleaner and lighter then, attending to your floors, walls & ceilings is a great way to do that.

Of course, it’s up to you how often you have your floors, walls & ceilings cleaned or renovated. If you live in a small family then you might easily be able to go several years without needing a refresh on your paint. Nevertheless, just getting your walls and ceilings washed and your carpet professionally cleaned can often be enough to brighten up your whole home and if you do this whenever it starts to look a little dull and worn you’ll find that it can make a gigantic difference.

If you run a business meanwhile, then getting regular floors, walls & ceilings services can help you to keep your premises looking their best which is motivating for the staff as well as being a good way to make a better impression on potential customers, clients, and business partners.

When to Get Your Floors, Walls & Ceilings Maintained

As mentioned, how often you get your interior walls and ceiling maintained is up to you. However, there are some scenarios which call for floors, walls & ceilings maintenance more than others.

For instance, if you have just bought your property then often you will be moving into a space that has tired looking walls and possibly some choice décor decisions. Before you move all your things in, this is a great time to attend to floors, walls & ceilings.

Likewise, if you are thinking of selling your home, then getting maintenance for your floors, walls & ceilings is also a good idea. Often realtors will tell homeowners who are selling their property to paint their skirting boards as a way to help their properties to sell. This seemingly small change can have a huge impact on the unconscious way a property registers with a potential buyer. So imagine what repainting the whole home will do?

Certain things might also make floors, walls & ceilings more necessary. If you smoke, for instance, this can stain the walls and ceiling yellow and you might need maintenance more regularly. Likewise, if you have had fire damage to your property or if you have had a recent renovation in another room, these can both create dust and dirt that make floors, walls & ceilings look unclean.

When repainting a wall or getting carpet cleaning, it’s a good idea to get all three of these services at the same time – that way the whole room will look brighter and you won’t have the problem of having dirty looking walls because you just vacuumed.

Keeping Your Floors, Walls & Ceilings Looking Their Best

The rest of the time, there are a few things you can do to keep your floors, walls & ceilings looking their best. Make sure that you vacuum regularly, for instance, enforce a ‘no shoes indoors’ policy and clean and paint regularly. Choosing colors that don’t show up dirt too obviously is also a good strategy, while rugs can be very protective of carpets.

Ultimately nothing beats the occasional floors, walls & ceilings maintenance for keeping your home looking its very best.

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