Your roof plays a significant role in protecting your home, and a damaged roof presents a tremendous liability for homeowners. It is important to stay up to date with roof maintenance to avoid problems later. Your roof needs special attention and maintenance throughout the year to make sure that it is in good condition. If you are not properly maintaining your roof and gutters, you are asking for trouble. Your roof’s gutter system is on the front lines of protecting your roof since it takes to water and brings it a safe distance away from the edges of your roof and the base of your home. This article will discuss two of the most significant problems your roof and house can suffer from if you do not adequately maintain your gutter system.

1. Roof Maintenance

Without a clean gutter system, your gutters can become full of water, and the weight can pull against the support system that holds the gutter up to your roof. Even if it doesn’t remove the gutter system from your roof, it can still lead to severe issues.  Having your gutters semi-removed enables water to seep into your home leading to mold and mildew which can be much more expensive to repair than just rehanging some gutters. Rain will begin to collect on the roof and will start to slowly seep into the roof, getting under the membrane and into your attic. Leaking water into your roof will also cause mold and mildew and will end up becoming a more expensive problem to solve. It is worth it to spend the money to have your gutters routinely serviced throughout the year to avoid this headache.

2. Gutter Cleaning

Damage to a home’s foundation is a costly and frustrating problem to correct and can often be avoided through proper gutter system maintenance. Gutters are not just meant to take water away from the roof, but they are also intended to bring that water a safe distance away from the home to prevent water from pooling at the base of a house and causing damages to its foundation. As the water pools under a home, it softens the earth on which the home’s foundation lays, and when the earth softens it shifts. As the earth beneath a home’s foundation shifts, it cracks the foundation, which compromises the integrity of the home. This damage can all start from clogged gutters.  Again, all of this could easily be avoided if you properly maintain your gutter system and keep up with the recommended roof maintenance.

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