Once in a while, a portion of a roof will experience damage that is unrelated to the rest of the roof. In those scenarios, the damaged part is usually repaired without any future issues. However, many times when people start noticing roof damage it is an indication that the roof is nearing the end of its life and is due for a roof replacement. Most people are always trying to save money when it comes to the repair and maintenance of their home, so they prefer to fix damaged portions of their roof instead of doing a complete roof replacement, but this may not always be the best idea. This article will discuss the value of replacing a roof versus repairing it.

1. Nothing Lasts Forever

Roofs are not meant to last indefinitely, and after a while, all roofing systems will slowly start to fail. By doing repairs to the issues that keep popping up, you are just putting a band-aid over the real problem and trying to put off the inevitable.

2.  Hidden Structural Damage

After a storm damages your roof, what you see is often just the tip of the iceberg. In this situation replacing only the damaged area could be a half-baked job. Replacing the entire roof enables you to get down to the roof deck itself and inspect for wood damage and other potential structural issues that you would not have noticed if you had not ripped off the entire roof to replace it.

3. The Factory Guarantee

When you replace a roof, the manufacturer of the roofing materials will guarantee their products which will give you way more bang for your buck than had you just repaired the damaged sections. Yes, replacing the entire roof costs more than just replacing a part but if you completely replace the whole roof, it will be stronger and therefore more likely to do better in the next storm.

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