ice dam on a roof

As the weather gets cooler, the more you need to start thinking about reinforcing your roof for harsh weather conditions–and the earlier you do it, the better. After all, it’s difficult to do roof maintenance chores when it’s chilly but there are quite a few things you can do before the cold weather hits.

Secure Restoration, mold remediation in Asheville, NC, notes the following ways that can help you prepare your roof for the ill effects of cold weather.

Inspect and Clean Your Gutters

It’s natural for your home’s gutters to be covered in ice once the colder seasons set in, which is why it’s essential to check the gutters for problems. As soon as it starts to rain, look for holes or tears at the bottom of your channels. If you find any leaks, repair them before too much rain gets into the gutter and freezes. Mold removal specialists also recommend removing the buildup in your gutters with a power washer to prevent ice from forming on them.

Trim the Trees Around Your House

Weather experts say trees are the number one cause of ice dams. This is because a tree can create an area of insulation below its limbs, which can freeze and cause ice dams. These areas of the ice, in turn, spill over into your gutters and can lead to problems with your home’s plumbing and even leaks in the attic. Seek a reputable roofing and mold remediation company for cleaning services that could be required for your home.

Check Your Roof Flashing

Your roof’s flashing should be in good shape this time of year. If the condition of your roof’s flashing shows signs of rust, remove the old flashing and replace it. If your roof lacks a guardrail or is missing any corresponding holes used to locate where the wood stops, remove these as well. Mold inspection companies recommend covering up all flashing areas to keep water from accumulating and freezing.

Examine Your Roof Shingles

Inspect your roof for any areas of cracked or missing shingles, and replace them with new shingles. Adding ice and water shields under your shingles is also a good idea. This can help prevent water damage to your home through the winter months.

For quality roof repair and mold removal services, depend on Secure Restoration. We will ensure every aspect of your roof is in tip-top shape and is ready for the cold weather ahead. Reach out to us today for a free estimate!