Property insurance companies have been paying billions of dollars in claims over the last few years from all the significant weather events we have been experiencing. The United States has suffered more natural disasters in the previous two years than it has in a long time. These last few years have given people a lot to think about, and we see this reflected in some of the new roofing trends of 2019. This article will discuss some of the top roofing trends we have seen so far this year, and are predicted to continue.

1. Specialized Shingles

Specialized roofing shingles are asphalt shingles with increased durability to withstand high winds and high heat. Now you may be asking yourself what is the point in having the roof able to endure something that the home itself cannot? The answer is that at the end of the day if you can protect an area a bit more and increase its ability to withstand harsh weather, it is worthwhile to do it. How many times do you see a storm devastate an area and for whatever reason, and one random home is spared. It is pretty remarkable to see. These special tiles are in no way making any guarantee that your home is getting some magic powers, they are merely stacking the odds in your roof’s favor, as much as possible against an act of God, like a wildfire or a category three hurricane.

2. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs would have to be the next step up from these special shingles, only because they have curb appeal and are easier to install. Metal roofs are one of the hottest roofing trends of 2019 because they have a good track record. More and more homes across the country are going the metal roof route. They offer so much and are relatively affordable for the range of enhancements they offer a home versus your standard shingle. In today’s day and age, metal roofs come in so many colors and other unique variations that we are seeing many luxury homes go with metal roofs as they are appealing on so many levels to so many different consumers.

3. Solar Roofing

Solar-powered technology is becoming more and more popular, Tesla, the car manufacturer, has definitely had something to do with that. After that video of Elon Musk came out where he was talking about solar-powered roof shingles people just about went crazy for them. Solar roofs are trending in 2019 as people clamor to make their homes more sustainable.

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