Asphalt roofs start as roofing membranes made from different types of plastic polymers. Regardless of which kind of polymer they contain, all of them have asphalt shingles laid on top of them in a variety of different styles. Depending on the weather and other environmental conditions, your average asphalt roof will run strong with minimal to no maintenance required for the first half of its life cycle which could be upwards of forty years. 

The midlife crisis of an asphalt roof comes about halfway or a little more than halfway through its life span, this is when you may start to see some minor independent asphalt shingle degradation, which usually if caught early enough, will only cause some small leakage to your roof. This can easily be fixed by replacing the damaged shingles. Replacing individual shingles does not cost much or take very long to do.

The sad end of life era of your asphalt roof is going to come when your shingles start to break down. A good sign that the end is near is when large areas of your asphalt roof start failing. I am not pointing fingers or anything but stomping around on your roof as you taught yourself how to replace a couple of those loose shingles after that storm a few years ago definitely did not help, just saying… Regardless of how well you treat it, after a certain amount of time your asphalt roof is eventually going to need to be replaced. While minor repairs, which should be done by a professional, are easy enough to fix. After a while, you will need to completely replace the roof.

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