Icicles on a roof winter

Ice dam formation is a common issue in cold climates. Since they block gutters and water pipes, they can pose a significant threat to the stability of your roofing system. They form when the ice melts on the warm roof and runs down to its edge, where it refreezes again. 

In the wake of ice dams, you can expect thorough services for water damage restoration in Asheville, NC, from Secure Restoration. Below are the best ways you can prevent ice dams from forming.

Make use of Heated Cables

Clipping zig-zagged heated cables around the roof’s edge will create a wild channel to melt ice. This will keep your roof insulated and prevent harmful ice dams from forming. The cables prevent the ice dams from causing damage to the shingles, causing leaks and the need for water damage repair.

Raking the Roof

Rake the shingles regularly to help prevent ice dams from forming. Doing so will allow water to flow down the sides of the shingles and not inside. A roof rake is ideal for an efficient job and will save you from unnecessary water damage service calls.

Install a Gutter Relief Valve

A gutter relief valve prevents ice dams. It’s an attachment to your downspout that slows water flow in ice-clogged gutters. The gutter relief valve lets excess water drain freely, preventing ice banks and leaks. A water damage restoration company can help you install a gutter relief valve.

Install Roof and Soffit Vents

A roof and soffit vent will increase your attic airflow. This allows hot air to move from the attic through a remote venting system attached to the roof, allowing you to improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills. It can help prevent ice dam formation and lessen the need for water removal services.

A lack of attic ventilation can lead to ice dams. Make sure to have your trusted contractor inspect your roof thoroughly to ensure it gets ample ventilation. Otherwise, you can expect to have ice dam formation and subsequent water damage cleanup procedures.

When not taken care of, ice dams can cause excessive damage to the roof. These tips will help prevent ice dams from forming and damaging your roof. Secure Restoration is the water remediation company you can count on for all your roofing needs. We provide clear-cut solutions at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free estimate!