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Angie's List Super Service Award for Secure Restoration's water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services in Stuart (2012-2013)

  • I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results.

    Randall Silva ( Angieslist )

    I recently discovered that my condensate drain to one of my A/C air handlers was leaking behind a wall. Much to my dismay, the leak appeared to have been present for some time, and the area showed signs of mold. I called Secure Restoration and Zach immediately scheduled an appointment to examine the issue. He inspected the damaged area visually and tested the air quality. The results showed a very high amount of mold in the house from the leak damage, including some severe growth that built up on the internals of the air handler and ducts. Zach and his team immediately scheduled a time and got to work, thoroughly removing all affected drywall and related material. They sectioned off the area and successfully cleaned the walls and air with several air scrubbers. Additionally, this team is the most communicative and friendliest group of individuals I have ever hired (and I have hired many contractors). It starts with the founder, Zach. It is evident he has trained his team on the importance of communication and customer service. I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results. The remediation portion is now complete and they will soon begin the rebuilding phase.

  • This team is AWESOME! I'll never use anyone else.

    Karen Hill ( Angieslist )

    Zach was prompt in returning my call and setting up an appointment. He was on time. Neatly dress. He looked and acted in a professional manner. I took him to the kitchen and showed him the hole in the wall. He was very through. He checked under the dishwasher, under the cabinets, and all the surrounding areas. He asked many questions in regards to how long, if there was a leak, new renovations, etc. he also checked the AC unit and the hose bib on the side of the hose, which was leaking. He explained to me that it was in fact mold. That there was mold under the cabinets as well. He explained his process-that he would have a plumber come out. He asked if I had insurance as he would have to remove the cabinets, granite counter tops and backsplash. He explained the two feet rule in mold remediation. That he would try their best to not damage the granite, but it was common for that to happen. He explained his direct insurance billing and that I needed to notify my insurance carrier for an adjuster to come out. I felt comfortable with him to sign a contract for him to start the work.

  • We recommend them without reservation.

    Shelley Elias ( Google )

    Zach and his team at Secure Restoration Florida were absolutely terrific. The mold infestation was throughout our entire house, and we felt helpless with the problem. Zach assisted us all the way. His team was courteous, caring, and thorough. No other company could have done a better job. They took care of everything. We recommend them without reservation.

Welcome to Secure Restoration

Secure Restoration of Stuart, FL

Stuart Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Secure Restoration serves several townships in the Stuart area. Clients from Jensen Beach to Jupiter Island can expect the best in service from the top Stuart mold remediation company. Customers also have access to the leading fire damage and water damage restoration in Stuart. Located conveniently within the city, our company is one of the most respectable restoration companies on the Treasure Coast. It serves several communities in Martin County and beyond, such as:

  • Jupiter Island

    Jupiter Island Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    Residents and businesses on this barrier island south of Stuart can rely on Secure Restoration to provide immediate flood, water, mold, or fire restoration. Owners of high value homes cannot afford to wait on water removal and property repairs. Being situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Hobe Sound in a hurricane- and storm-prone area means an elevated risk for floods and excessive moisture. Jupiter Island is close to the ocean and is one of the wealthiest places in the country. It also has one of the best mold removal businesses to depend on.

  • Hobe Sound

    Hobe Sound Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    A tropical savannah climate, proximity to water, and a nearby national wildlife refuge mean residential and commercial properties are regularly exposed to moisture. Travelers often pass by on US 1, A1A, and the Florida East Coast Railway. Only Secure Restoration fully understands the potential for mold and water damage and the most effective ways to mitigate such issues for locals. It’s an extremely warm location too. July and August average 90°F on an average day while the average high is 74°F in January. Heat leads to moisture which can trigger mold problems. Nobody wants a flood to persist here either. Our company can assist quickly and get Hobe Sound homes and businesses back on their feet after any disaster.

  • Palm City

    Palm City Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    Just across the St. Lucie River from the south side of Stuart, FL, Palm City is an unincorporated yet populated place near the warm Florida coast. Over 23,000 people live here and the Palm City Chamber of Commerce includes more than 400 businesses. Our Stuart mold removal company will send experts across the bridge to fix mold problems or provide emergency water removal. The humidity and warmth last here year round. Even subtle moisture issues can lead to serious problems down the road. Secure Restoration is here to help.

  • Okeechobee

    Okeechobee Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    The city lies to the west of Stuart, Florida on the north shore of Lake Okeechobee, often called Florida’s inland sea. High temperatures average well into the 90s in the summer and the mid-70s in the winter. Okeechobee’s homes, businesses, motels, and cabins are prone to moisture-related issues. Also, frequent storms can induce flooding at any time. Secure Restoration’s professionals will travel the miles to shore up any sources of flooding, recommend solutions for moisture, and provide any required mold or water damage restoration.

  • Jensen Beach

    Jensen Beach Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    Just to the north of Stuart, Jensen Beach sits by the Intracoastal Waterway – from County Line Road to the north to the NE Dixie Highway to the south. It is primarily known as a beach town and for the nearby nature preserves. The town is also not a stranger to moisture and flooding. In 2004, the area was hit by Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne, both which made landfall on nearby Hutchinson Island. Susceptibility to flooding storms means the best water damage restoration in Stuart should be on call to help at the right time. Fortunately, the town is within reach of Secure Restoration. The company employs highly skilled experts in flood, water damage, and mold remediation.


Secure Restoration serves all of Stuart, FL; the townships immediately to the north, south, and west; and the city of Okeechobee. It offers top-of-the-line emergency services for mold removal and remediation to protect property and health. Professional restoration following a flood or fire is also provided. On at 24/7 basis, technicians are ready to remove standing water and perform immediate repairs. The company is a recognized leader in mold remediation in Stuart, serving residents and commercial businesses along the moisture-laden, storm-prone Florida coast.

Contact us directly on this website or call 772-222-5099 for a quote and information on emergency or restorative services for your home or business.

Mold seriously reduces indoor air quality. If it is building up in your Stuart home or business, mold can lead to serious health problems. It’s therefore important to address this problem quickly. Specializing in mold removal in Stuart, Florida, Secure Restoration has licensed, experienced professionals who can mitigate the problem for any residential or commercial property in the local area.

The impacts of condensation moisture and floods can be devastating as well, if not dealt with immediately. Our professionals have the skills and tools at their disposal to remove water. They can dry out the home or commercial property and then begin the clean-up. No water or fire damage restoration job is too difficult. We’re ready to tackle any job in short notice and are known for our top-notch 24/7 emergency service.

Costs of Putting off Mold Removal

There are many types of mold. Just how much and where it is impacts the health of yourself, your family, or your coworkers. It can grow as easily in a bathroom or bedroom as in the basement or attic. The effects range from allergy-like symptoms to serious illnesses such as asthma, respiratory infections, and even cancer. Long term exposure can lead to permanent lung damage. Fungi are thought to release toxins that harm human health. The longer you’re exposed to any kind of mold, the worse the adverse health effects may be.

  • If you experience unexplained congestion, eye irritation, scratchy throat, coughing, sneezing, headaches, or skin irritations indoors, these may be signs of mold exposure.

This point should never be underestimated. Act immediately if you or anyone in your household or business experiences these symptoms. Mold remediation in Stuart should only be performed by experienced professionals. If you try to remove the mold yourself, you risk causing even more damage and potential illness. Some have tried using bleach to solve the problem. It’s not that effective and can also be harmful to your health. Don’t resort to soap and water either. The mold may be in places you can’t reach and only an experienced professional knows how to properly deal with the issue.

Secure Restoration is prepared to handle any Stuart mold removal job. It provides 24/7 emergency service to deal with all home repairs related to mold, water damage in Stuart, or fire damage in the city or surrounding communities.

Our comprehensive restoration services for Stuart area residences and commercial clients are as follows:

  • Mold Removal

    Stuart, FL – Mold Removal

    Before Stuart mold remediation can take place, a mold assessment must occur. Professionals skilled at mold removal in Stuart conduct a visual inspection to look for mold and signs it may be somewhere in your home or business. This process often requires looking under carpets, behind wallpaper, and inside walls and ventilation ducts.

    Technicians also take samples in order to determine what type of mold it is. There are several methods of identifying mold species and how concentrated the mold spores are in the interior air. The samples are taken from surfaces, the air, and from mold colonies if they are visible. Testing may be performed if the mold isn’t seen yet one or more occupants are experiencing symptoms of exposure. Infrared sensors help technicians find where water damage is so they can see at-risk areas.

    Secure Restoration uses several methods of mold removal. A low tech way is to wipe the mold away with a cloth or a sponge. That often doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. We use safe, proven, and effective technology to rid homes and companies of mold, dust, and spores, including:

    • Wet Vacuum: Water in floors, carpets, and hard surfaces can be removed along with mold spores if the material is wet. If the surfaces are not wet enough, the wet vacuum can spread the spores and is not suitable for the job. Our team is experienced at deciding the best applications for this method.
    • HEPA Vacuum: Our technicians often provide mold removal in Stuart by using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. It is most effective on dried, contaminated materials to remove all traces of mold or dust. The captured spores are placed in sealed bags and safely discarded without risking additional contamination.
    • Dry Ice Blasting: Dry ice, media, or soda blasting is effective at mold removal on wood and cement surfaces. The fungi are frozen and discarded as are porous materials such as mattresses, dry wall, carpet, and pillows in which the mold has formed large colonies.


    Secure Restoration can also:

    • Replace carpets and old fabrics infested with mold.
    • Repair leaks in walls and ceilings, to prevent additional mold from growing in moist areas.
    • Clean out ducts, ventilation, and other HVAC system components to remove mold and prevent it from returning.
  • Mold Remediation

    Stuart, FL – Mold Remediation

    We conduct mold remediation according to where the mold is and the reasons the issue is occurring. Able to grow indoors and outdoors, mold can grow on just about anything and where there is moisture. Water damage in Stuart is an all too common problem given its climate and proximity to the ocean and inland waterways. The reason why mold proliferates so easily indoors is because:

    • It thrives in damp, moist, and dark areas.
    • Leaks, burst pipes, and water seepage provide plenty of moisture.
    • Rain and floods provide abundant water in walls and under the ground.
    • Insufficient ventilation causes moisture to build up and support mold growth.
    • Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements often have little ventilation.
    • Cool spots cause moisture to condense.


    In addition to removing mold by vacuum or dry ice blasting, Secure Restoration also focuses on measures to prevent mold from returning. Water damage restoration in Stuart is one of them. The faster you can repair any water damage, the less time there is for mold spores to take hold and grow. Colonies can start to form in as little as 24 hours. Removing standing water anywhere around the home is important. Our technicians especially scrutinize flat roofs that sag under water/ice/debris, overflowing gutters, and any location standing water tends to accumulate.

    Our Stuart mold remediation staff is trained to check for issues and provide recommendations/solutions in the following areas:

    • Ventilation: Moisture accumulates easily without adequate ventilation. The quality/condition of indoor HVAC systems is a concern. Technicians will also look at whether bathroom extractors are present and make any necessary or useful recommendations. Mold can be prevented by keeping windows open after showers and arranging furniture to improve air circulation.
    • Insulation: By properly insulating any wall or surface, you can prevent it from becoming too cold and turning into a source of condensation.
    • Heating: Warmth prevents condensation. Keeping the home well-heated stops moisture from collecting on cool surfaces which would support any mold spores.

    Pipe Maintenance: A thorough inspection helps spot cracks, leaks, condensation, and other issues early, avoiding mold and the need for a more extensive Stuart water damage restoration project.

  • Water Damage Restoration

    Stuart, FL – Water Damage Restoration

    With Florida’s tropical and wet climate, water damage in Stuart is not uncommon. Mold can take hold within 24-48 hours. To avoid this, water damaged surfaces and rooms must be quickly dried up. Water damage can occur due to a natural flood, toilet overflow, sewage backup, or from water used to put out a fire. No matter the reason water removal in Stuart cannot wait.

    Secure Restoration provides a 24-hour emergency service. Water can damage property upon contact so any restoration service will help minimize the damage and expense. We respond to burst pipes in minutes. Our technicians work quickly to find the water source and seal it. They can seal roof/ceiling leaks and block incoming water with sandbags. Our staff addresses water restoration in Stuart according to standards laid out by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

    The water damage restoration process includes:

    • Damage Evaluation:Our inspectors assess the damage and look for a cause. They can then recommend what to do and decide what’s salvageable. Advanced sensing tools are crucial for identifying the source and rating the cleanliness of the water.
    • Water Removal: Submersible pumps, wet/dry vacuums, dehumidifiers, hygrometers, and wood floor drying systems are utilized during this important step. If belongings are salvageable, they are carefully dried only after all the water has been removed.
    • Cleaning: Stuart water damage requires clean up with dry carpet cleaning and deodorizing. For this, air scrubbers and fogging systems are used. Disinfectants and other sanitizing compounds help make the home or commercial property once again habitable and hygienic.

    Restoration: Our water damage restoration in Stuart includes painting, carpet and tile repair/replacement, hardwood floor repair, and drywall removal and installation. We can also seal cracks that allowed water to get in or which were caused by it.

  • Fire Damage Restoration

    Stuart, FL – Fire Damage Restoration

    Fire damage in Stuart requires comprehensive restoration services only a leader in the industry can be trusted with. The damage to a home or business can be extensive with even just a small fire. Our fire restoration services include professional assessments, debris and odor removal, and use of the most appropriate cleaning tools. Technicians then clean the property, vents, and ducts. The goal is to completely reverse the effects of fire and smoke damage.

    Experts will also remove carpets and carpet pads where necessary. We’ll also protect fire damaged and undamaged parts of the home or business. Fire damage restoration in Stuart also requires treating metal fixtures as soon as possible. Faucets, door handles, metal appliances, and other household items will be treated and salvaged if we are able to restore them.

    Fire leaves a devastating emotional toll. Home restoration professionals know how important their job is and are efficient at making the residence livable again. From restoring valuables to eliminating smoke odors, our team is the most reliable in the industry.

    Our team will professionally board up your home, remove salvageable contents, and clean furniture. Mold and mildew prevention measures will also be performed. We’ll also do any demolition/debris removal required and perform interior/exterior restorations. Secure Restoration can handle any structural repairs, drywall repair, carpet installation, kitchen/bath remodeling, interior plastering, and more.

  • Flood Damage Restoration

    Stuart, FL – Flood Damage Restoration

    Burst pipes and water mains, or frequent heavy rains, make flood damage in Stuart more common that most people wish. The consequences of leaks and flooding on properties have been studied extensively. The IICRC and RIA have outlined procedural standards for restoring homes and businesses affected by floods. Secure Restoration adheres to the latest industry standards while depending upon a team of licensed, highly trained professional repair contractors.

    Any water damage must be cleaned up quickly. Flooding requires urgent attention or else property will be totally lost. In a short time, it can trigger severe mold problems and water-borne illnesses. The services provided vary in scope. Since water can do so much damage to structures and human life so quickly, even the most extensive work must be done before this is allowed to happen.

    Once the water is removed, pipes fixed, or leaky walls/roofs sealed, the restoration can begin. Our Stuart water damage restoration company provides the necessary building/construction services to repair structural damage. A variety of services can be provided once the water sources are sealed. Experts can:

    • Seal any cracks in the walls, windows, roof, or other parts of the structure.
    • Remove any damaged drywall and install new, undamaged panels.
    • Repair, disinfect, and deodorize damaged carpet or perform complete replacements.
    • Repair tiling damaged by water and replace it if needed.
    • Perform repairs to water-damaged hardwood flooring.
    • Paint the interior and restore the property’s aesthetics.

    In Stuart flood damage should be fixed right away, especially in Florida’s intense heat. We employ the best expertise and equipment in the industry. The team is available during for emergencies 24/7 and quickly and reliably fixes lingering issues. For residents, we’ll assist with moving undamaged valuables to a dry location. We also help businesses get operational as soon as possible, but worst case scenarios may warrant other measures such as letting employees work from home. While your business keeps up the productivity, our professional staff performs repairs and restoration as fast as possible following the most severe storms.

  • Water Removal

    Stuart, FL – Water Removal

    Water removal in Stuart is one of the most crucial parts of the restoration process.A torrent comes quickly and suddenly. A burst pipe, flash flood, hurricane, or local thunderstorm is all it takes. Licensed professionals are on hand 24/7 and arrive in minutes. Modern water extraction systems and drying equipment are used to preserve as much as possible. The other goal is to avoid mold. Prevention is key as mold can grow quickly in moist areas and cause serious health issues. The versatility and persistence of mold cannot be stressed enough.

    Industry leading equipment is used to professionally and safely remove water, including:

    • Powerful submersible pumps, which actually work from below to suction the water out of your home or business.
    • Wet/dry vacuums that extract water from hard to dry walls, furniture, floors, and more.
    • Room dehumidifiers that dry the air and eliminate mold-supporting moisture.
    • Wood floor drying systems designed to extract water and water vapor from the flooring.
    • Air movers to facilitate air motion sufficient for quick drying.
    • Hygrometers to measure humidity and moisture content and monitor the performance of any water/moisture removal equipment.

    All standing water must be removed. If carpeting and the carpet pad is so saturated, then these must be removed and replaced to prevent further damage. We can restore any home or workplace back to its original condition.

    Prompt and effective water removal eliminates the possible health risks of being in a damp environment for prolonged periods of time. Our team will also help move your family to a safe location. The technical crews will remove the water using the appropriate tools, drying out any items inside while doing their best not to cause any further damage. We know how important it is to rid any home of any residual water or moisture.

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