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Angie's List Super Service Award for Secure Restoration's water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services in Stuart (2012-2013)

  • I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results.

    Randall Silva ( Angieslist )

    I recently discovered that my condensate drain to one of my A/C air handlers was leaking behind a wall. Much to my dismay, the leak appeared to have been present for some time, and the area showed signs of mold. I called Secure Restoration and Zach immediately scheduled an appointment to examine the issue. He inspected the damaged area visually and tested the air quality. The results showed a very high amount of mold in the house from the leak damage, including some severe growth that built up on the internals of the air handler and ducts. Zach and his team immediately scheduled a time and got to work, thoroughly removing all affected drywall and related material. They sectioned off the area and successfully cleaned the walls and air with several air scrubbers. Additionally, this team is the most communicative and friendliest group of individuals I have ever hired (and I have hired many contractors). It starts with the founder, Zach. It is evident he has trained his team on the importance of communication and customer service. I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results. The remediation portion is now complete and they will soon begin the rebuilding phase.

  • This team is AWESOME! I'll never use anyone else.

    Karen Hill ( Angieslist )

    Zach was prompt in returning my call and setting up an appointment. He was on time. Neatly dress. He looked and acted in a professional manner. I took him to the kitchen and showed him the hole in the wall. He was very through. He checked under the dishwasher, under the cabinets, and all the surrounding areas. He asked many questions in regards to how long, if there was a leak, new renovations, etc. he also checked the AC unit and the hose bib on the side of the hose, which was leaking. He explained to me that it was in fact mold. That there was mold under the cabinets as well. He explained his process-that he would have a plumber come out. He asked if I had insurance as he would have to remove the cabinets, granite counter tops and backsplash. He explained the two feet rule in mold remediation. That he would try their best to not damage the granite, but it was common for that to happen. He explained his direct insurance billing and that I needed to notify my insurance carrier for an adjuster to come out. I felt comfortable with him to sign a contract for him to start the work.

  • We recommend them without reservation.

    Shelley Elias ( Google )

    Zach and his team at Secure Restoration Florida were absolutely terrific. The mold infestation was throughout our entire house, and we felt helpless with the problem. Zach assisted us all the way. His team was courteous, caring, and thorough. No other company could have done a better job. They took care of everything. We recommend them without reservation.

Welcome to Secure Restoration

Secure Restoration of Okeechobee
Okeechobee, FL – Secure Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Secure Restoration is very happy to provide the citizens and communities of Okeechobee, Florida with a variety of home repair services. Ensuring the safety, security, and preservation of your home is one of your top priorities. Our mission at Secure Restoration of Okeechobee is to partner with you in executing this task by offering high quality expertise in the maintenance, repair, restoration, and refurbishment of your home.

  • Mold Removal

    mold-removal-Okeechobee-FLOkeechobee, FL – Mold Removal

    Okeechobee’s location in south central Florida makes it a place of high humidity. The moisture and mugginess associated with humid weather produces the fungi known as mold. Shower stalls and bathrooms are particularly susceptible to mold, but you may have seen it growing elsewhere in your home.

    An abundance of mold can give rise to health problems commonly associated with allergies. You or a member of your family can experience wheezing, runny nose, itching, coughing, redness of eyes, and other such ailments. To neutralize the threat you should control the amount of moisture in your house. If mold growth persists, your best move is to get it removed.

    Secure Restoration is one of the best firms to call for mold removal in Okeechobee. If the problem is real but not overly serious, you can arrange for one of our mold removal specialists to come out, assess the location and extent of the mold, and proceed with doing an orderly and thorough removal and disposal of it. This will make your surfaces once again clear and bright. It will both eradicate the health hazards posed by mold and save you from the embarrassment of having your friends and family see it around the house.

  • Mold Remediation

    Okeechobee, FL – Mold Remediation

    There are instances in which a simple mold removal procedure is not enough. If mold has grown to an uncontainable extent in your home or a particular area of your home, then you need to a mold remediation service. Secure Restoration of Okeechobee is the best company to call for mold remediation in Okeechobee, Florida. We have a great deal of institutional knowledge on how to do this procedure well. We can also do the job in a way that minimizes the impact to your life.

    Mold remediation involves the complete cleansing of the areas affected by mold. Our trained professionals will come to your home with a variety of tools, including the proper protective gear, and seal off the places in your home that are to be treated. This is done to prevent the spread of mold spores that may be disturbed and distributed while the job is underway.

    The next steps in mold remediation require us to physically remove the encrusted mold while using a fan or other exhaust device to apply negative pressure to the affected area. Once the mold is removed, it is placed in a proper receptacle for disposal. We will then use special chemical solutions to ensure that the mold does not return. After the surfaces are completely dry, a heavy-duty vacuum is used to remove all residual spores and mold.

    The superior knowledge and skill of our Okeechobee technicians ensure that this job can be done expeditiously. You will meet with minimum inconvenience, and you will have to surrender the affected areas of your home for only a very short time.

  • Water Damage Restoration

    Okeechobee, FL – Water Damage Restoration

    Water can be ruinous when it comes in the form of flooding. If you’ve suffered a burst pipe or a leaky roof or some such other incident, then you may soon have the accumulation of a large amount of standing water. This is the real problem. Standing water that sits for hours will slowly corrode and degrade the material structure of your house. Even a small amount of standing water will seep into the foundations that keep your house together. You may not see an immediate effect from this, but over time the resulting rot and degradation will cause you serious structural problems. It may even lead to serious hazards if the water damage is not properly treated.

    Secure Restoration has the men, means, and methods to respond effectively to water damage in Okeechobee. You should call us as soon as you see that you have a problem. Securing the leak or source of the flooding is, of course, a priority. But after that has been done the focus of effort must go towards restoring the area affected by the water.

    The first step in water damage restoration in Okeechobee is to determine the exact impact the water has had on the surrounding structures. This is done by using infrared imaging equipment so that technicians can detect what cannot be seen with the naked eye. Once the damage has been assessed, they can move on to the process of actually restoring the area. This includes using a range of tools that will dry the structure and sanitize and deodorize the affected areas. A further re-evaluation of the space must be conducted after a time. This is the best way of ensuring that the restoration measures actually work and that the structures holding up your home are not in danger of falling apart.

    It is never easy dealing with the aftermath of water damage. The job can be especially difficult and messy in the case of severe damage. However, you want to get the best advice, assistance, and repair work that you can. That is why you should trust Secure Restoration for jobs involving water restoration in Okeechobee.

  • Fire Damage Restoration

    Okeechobee, FL – Fire Damage Restoration

    Fire damage is the result of many different forces and factors. Flames, smoke, and heat are the main elements present in a fire. The first of these is often seen as the most dangerous and the most destructive, but as a matter of fact, that is not exactly the case. While flames do tear through a home and turn everything in their way into ash, the smoke and heat of a fire are just as ruinous to its material structure.

    Depending on the intensity of the fire, and the thing that is fueling it, the heat that comes from it can be an incredibly destructive force. Heat and pressure that is exceptionally high can warp and mangle structures. Even if the flames actually burn few things in your home, it can nevertheless be devastated by the heat from a fire.

    Smoke is also a major problem. Whether it is white smoke or black smoke, it will leave walls and furniture stained. It will also produce soot over all of your surfaces. Smoke is deadly to anyone trapped in a fire, but it can be just as destructive to objects in the house. The trouble with smoke is that it travels fast and can fill up the house in very little time. Dealing with the damage done to your home after a fire will require you to reverse the effects of smoke.

    Secure Restoration is pleased to offer services in fire damage restoration in Okeechobee. The complex nature of fire damage makes it vital to conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your home. Even if the fire was small and contained to a single area before it was put out, you must inspect every inch of your home. Fire can weaken the material structure of your house in places that you would least suspect. Ash and smoke that is not collected and disposed of can cause extensive corrosion that will put you and your family in danger.

    Professionals from Secure Restoration will help you reclaim your home. The members of our team will employ the tools and the know-how to conduct a thorough cleanup and assessment. Metals may have been twisted and warped, wood paneling may have been burnt into ash. In all such cases, materials need to be replaced and Secure Restoration can partner with you to select and install the new furnishings, upholstery, and paneling.

    Seconds after a fire breaks out it will cause the significant discoloring of walls and other surfaces in your home. If left for a few days, this effect will become permanent. Secure Restoration can assist you with arresting this process. We will also give you expert aid and advice on how to replace and renovate the affected spaces. If you have suffered fire damage in Okeechobee, you should call Secure Restoration today to get a sense of your options.

  • Flood Damage Restoration

    Okeechobee, FL – Flood Damage Restoration

    It is one of the few unfortunate facts of living in Okeechobee, Florida that the city is in a place quite vulnerable to tropical storms. The reality is that flooding from storms, and other contingencies, is a constant threat to the homeowners of the city. Flood damage is not only dangerous for the large amounts of standing water it can produce in a given time; it is also hazardous because of the extraordinary increase of moisture it puts into the air in your home. Such moisture can lead to the rapid spread of mold throughout your house, which is a sight that is unwelcome and a presence that is unhealthy.

    Secure Restoration provides expert service repair for flood damage in Okeechobee. Our professionals will put their extensive knowledge and experience to work in clearing away debris, dealing with hazards that may have been caused by the flooding, inspecting your home for structural defects, and doing the necessary restoration work. The latter must involve getting those areas of your home affected by the flooding back to their original state. Secure Restoration employs persons who have the talent for that sort of thing. The damage wrought by a flooded home can leave you bewildered and unsure of how to proceed. We can help you get started with reclaiming the affected space by making available members of our staff who have an eye and a mind for refurbishment and re-design. Restoring your home to its former beauty is just as important as repairing the damage done to it.

  • Water Removal

    Okeechobee, FL – Water Removal

    Water removal is a vital part of flooding and water damage restoration. You must ensure that you get all of the water out before you proceed with restoring what you’ve lost. Secure Restoration provides sound ability in water removal in Okeechobee. We will bring to your home pumps, vacuums, and other de-watering and drying out tools. Getting all of the water out of a home that has been extensively flooded is not always so straightforward. Depending on the construction of your home and the extent of the damage, the professionals involved in water removal may have to work extensively to find, localize, and remove standing water.

    The drying process must also be thorough. Both the material structures and air inside the home must be freed from moisture. If they are not, long term problems with mildew and mold will result. Since the fact that your home has been flooded is in itself a tremendous inconvenience, it is the policy of Secure Restoration to work as quickly and efficiently as we can so that you are not incommoded any longer than necessary.

    Secure Restoration of Okeechobee will also deodorize your home. One of the worst effects of flooding is the inevitable smell that comes from cloth and other materials that have been soaking in water. If not treated with the proper chemicals, such a smell can stay in a home for weeks. An effective deodorizing job can only be done by professionals who have the right combination of tools and understand how they are to be applied. The surest way to reclaim your home after flooding and water damage is to call Secure Restoration.

An Okeechobee home is a castle, a place of comfort and safety. It is also one of the best investments that you will make. It is imperative that you keep up its value by preserving its material condition. If your home has been visited by mold, flood, or fire, then you should call Secure Restoration of Okeechobee for a free quote. If you prefer to do so through the Internet, then you should visit our website where you will find out more about our services and a list of contact emails and phone numbers.

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