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Cheryl B.

Cheryl B.

Thank you for choosing Secure Restoration to help with your water mitigation. Please send us a review. Word of mouth is the best recommendation. Thank you.

Near 154th Pl N, Jupiter, FL 33478
Zach B.

Zach B.

Near Cypress Cove Cir, Jupiter, FL 33458
Cheryl B.

Cheryl B.

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Joel J.

Joel J.

Fire damage restoration

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Alfredo R.

Alfredo R.

Fire and smoke clean up

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Joel J.

Joel J.

Fire and smoke damage restoration

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Alfredo R.

Alfredo R.

Fire and smoke clean up

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Alfredo R.

Alfredo R.

Fire and smoke clean up

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Joel J.

Joel J.

Fire and smoke damage restoration

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458
Joel J.

Joel J.

Fire and smoke remediation

Near Mullin St, Jupiter, FL 33458

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(561) 609-0710

24/7 Emergency services available for water damage restoration, mold remediation, & fire damage restoration.

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Emergency:24HR / 7DAYS
Weekdays:7:00am – 5:00pm

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Angie's List Super Service Award for Secure Restoration's water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services in Stuart (2012-2013)

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  • I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results.

    Randall Silva ( Angieslist )

    I recently discovered that my condensate drain to one of my A/C air handlers was leaking behind a wall. Much to my dismay, the leak appeared to have been present for some time, and the area showed signs of mold. I called Secure Restoration and Zach immediately scheduled an appointment to examine the issue. He inspected the damaged area visually and tested the air quality. The results showed a very high amount of mold in the house from the leak damage, including some severe growth that built up on the internals of the air handler and ducts. Zach and his team immediately scheduled a time and got to work, thoroughly removing all affected drywall and related material. They sectioned off the area and successfully cleaned the walls and air with several air scrubbers. Additionally, this team is the most communicative and friendliest group of individuals I have ever hired (and I have hired many contractors). It starts with the founder, Zach. It is evident he has trained his team on the importance of communication and customer service. I could not be more pleased with this provider and the results. The remediation portion is now complete and they will soon begin the rebuilding phase.

  • This team is AWESOME! I'll never use anyone else.

    Karen Hill ( Angieslist )

    Zach was prompt in returning my call and setting up an appointment. He was on time. Neatly dress. He looked and acted in a professional manner. I took him to the kitchen and showed him the hole in the wall. He was very through. He checked under the dishwasher, under the cabinets, and all the surrounding areas. He asked many questions in regards to how long, if there was a leak, new renovations, etc. he also checked the AC unit and the hose bib on the side of the hose, which was leaking. He explained to me that it was in fact mold. That there was mold under the cabinets as well. He explained his process-that he would have a plumber come out. He asked if I had insurance as he would have to remove the cabinets, granite counter tops and backsplash. He explained the two feet rule in mold remediation. That he would try their best to not damage the granite, but it was common for that to happen. He explained his direct insurance billing and that I needed to notify my insurance carrier for an adjuster to come out. I felt comfortable with him to sign a contract for him to start the work.

  • We recommend them without reservation.

    Shelley Elias ( Google )

    Zach and his team at Secure Restoration Florida were absolutely terrific. The mold infestation was throughout our entire house, and we felt helpless with the problem. Zach assisted us all the way. His team was courteous, caring, and thorough. No other company could have done a better job. They took care of everything. We recommend them without reservation.

Welcome to Secure Restoration

Secure Restoration of Jupiter Island
Jupiter, FL – Secure Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Secure Restoration is pleased to offer its range of home repair, restoration, and renovation services to the people of Jupiter, Florida. Defending your home against deterioration is a serious job. Restoring it after severe damage can be difficult and dangerous. In both instances, you need a partner you can rely on and trust. At Secure Restoration, our only priority is to ease the burden of reclaiming and re-making your home.

  • Mold Removal

    mold-removal-Jupiter-FloridaJupiter, FL – Mold Removal

    Excessive moisture in the enclosed spaces in your home will give rise to mold growth. The most common place for mold to grow is in your bathroom and shower area. However, it is not limited to that space. Mold can appear in your basement, in your garage, or anywhere else that is exposed to dampness and water. If it is mold of a rather simple and superficial kind, then you may be able to give the affected area a simple wipe down in order to get rid of it. In some instances, you will need to go further. Mold that has grown to be thick and encrusted requires more rigorous treatment.

    Secure Restoration offers excellent services in mold removal in Jupiter. If mold growth is of a kind that is impossible to simply wipe off with warm water and a cloth, then you should call in professionals who have the expertise and experience to help.

    For example, removing mold that has latched on to certain edges and corners of your bathroom tiling may at first seem like a simple DIY job. However, if you want to remove it without damaging the tiles, you will need people with the right skills and the right equipment to do the work. Call Secure Restoration for mold removal in Jupiter, FL.

  • Mold Remediation

    Mold-Remediation-Jupiter-FloridaJupiter, FL – Mold Remediation

    If mold growth has gone beyond just a few problem spots, then a more extensive action is required. Mold remediation is a way of assessing and removing mold in your home that has built up in large quantities. The muggy and humid environment in Jupiter, Florida puts the homes in the city under constant threat of mold growth. The fungi that lead to mold growth need water to mature and grow, and the kind of condensation that drips down the walls of most Florida homes, especially on hot summer days, gives such organisms all the nourishment they need.

    A superabundance of mold growth will overwhelm you. It will leave you without the means and the energy to properly deal with it. Simply ignoring the problem is not an option because mold can be a health hazard. Secure Restoration offers effective services in mold remediation in Jupiter. Your best move is to leave the removal and remediation of your home to our experts.

    Mold remediation is a multi-step process that is designed to eradicate mold in your home and prevent it from coming back. The first thing you will notice when the professionals from Secure Restoration come to your home to do the job is their donning of protective suits. Although mold is not toxic, it can lead to health issues if one is exposed to heavy amounts of it over a prolonged period of time. You need not worry that mold has somehow poised your home. The remediation technicians wear protective gear because they must get close to the mold in order to remove it.

    The next step in the mold remediation process is to contain the mold spores. Secure Restoration experts will bring a number of tools to remove the mold from your tiles and surfaces. This will make a lot of the mold spores airborne. In order to keep them from traveling it is necessary to seal off the affected areas.

    The third step is to actually remove and dispose of the mold. As stated before, this can be done in a variety of ways. It all depends on the thickness and hardness of the mold growth. After it has been removed from the surfaces within your home, it will be properly disposed of. Negative pressure is applied to the affected areas while this process is taking place. This is done to suck the spore-infested air out of the room and the house.

    Mold spores must not be allowed to re-form and produce renewed growth. The next step in mold remediation is using a heavy vacuum to eliminate any residual spores or fungi that can cause mold to reappear in your home. Secure Restoration also applies special chemical solutions to break up any particulate that may lead to re-growth. Our mold remediation services include mold inspection and mold testing, mold removal, drying and dehumidification of the area(s) affected by mold, mold damage repair and elimination of mold spores to prevent mold growth in the future.

  • Water Damage Restoration

    Jupiter, FL – Water Damage Restoration

    Standing water can do tremendous damage to the material structure of a home. The destruction done by such to the foundations and other material objects that give shape and stability to a home is not always visible. That is one of the most insidious things about standing water: it blocks from view the naked eye’s ability to assess its impact.

    Water can accumulate in your home in all kinds of ways. A burst water pipe, a damaged faucet, or an especially bad tropical storm can all lead to water damage in your home and leave you overwhelmed with the damage done in its aftermath.

    Secure Restoration can provide practical help and advice to those who have suffered water damage in Jupiter. We offer first-rate services in water damage restoration in Jupiter. Such a crisis demands only those with extensive knowledge and experience to be on the scene. Getting the water out and drying the affected areas are only the part of what needs to be done to restore your home after water has sat and soaked some part of it.

    The process of water damage restoration does begin with drying. Your floors and walls will be soaked through. We will bring specialized equipment to bear to thoroughly dry them out. This is will ensure that residual moisture and dampness is not left on the surfaces and in the material structure of your home. Our advanced drying equipment and techniques will ensure that the process is limited to days rather than weeks. We will use heavy vacuums to remove the moisture. We will also use heat mats which can be selectively applied to target certain areas of your home.

    Any area of your home in which standing water has accumulated will be vulnerable to mold and mildew. Secure Restoration will conduct the kind of mold remediation described above to ensure that such fungi do not sprout up in the affected areas.

    The process does not end with the clean-up, drying out, and remediation. Secure Restoration goes the extra distance to ensure that there are no long-term structural problems caused by the water damage. We will send in specially equipped personnel who will be able to detect any unseen defects in your home. Water restoration in Jupiter is best done by the kinds of experts you will find at Secure Restoration.

  • Fire Damage Restoration

    Jupiter, FL – Fire Damage Restoration

    The fire that tore through your home did tremendous damage. It destroyed a lot of what you valued and appreciated. Now, however, you’ve got to begin the process of cleaning up and restoring your home to its original beauty.

    Secure Restoration is the service professional firm to call to start recovering from fire damage in Jupiter. The damage caused by a fire is a lot more complex than most people realize. There are the charred remains left by the flames of course, but you must also contend with the impact of intense heat, pressure, and smoke. The heat from a fire can warp the steel frames and weaken the wooden panels that are used in your home. The smoke given off by a fire will leave soot and ash everywhere, even in places where the flames never directly entered.

    Secure Restoration can help you sort through and remove burnt up debris. We can also use imaging equipment to help you look through the walls and other surfaces to determine if there has been any other structural damage to your house. This is perhaps one of the most important assessments to make, for it will save you from having to deal with problems down the road.

    The professionals at Secure Restoration can also help you identify those parts and pieces and furnishings in your home that can be recovered. We can also help you re-furbish, redesign, and renovate those areas of your home where the fire did the most extensive damage, and that may be in need of more than just a touch-up. This is one of the most important aspects of fire damage restoration in Jupiter because it helps you make your house once again your home. Call Secure Restoration today; we will help you every step of the fire damage restoration in Jupiter, FL.

  • Flood Damage Restoration

    Jupiter, FL – Flood Damage Restoration

    Jupiter is in a state that is quite vulnerable to tropical storms. Summers are the time when such storms visit Florida with particular frequency and violence. No matter how diligent you are in building up your home’s defenses against the rains, you may still find yourself flooded out in the aftermath of a storm. Not only rains but burst pipes and other incidents can give rise to a flood and the damage it causes.

    Secure Restoration provides a number of services in repairing and restoring homes that have suffered from flood damage in Jupiter. We use infrared imaging, heavy vacuuming, and many other tools to help you spot and restore the damage done to the material structure of your home. We also provide you with solutions to one of the worst effects of flood damage: the smell produced by soaked and mildewed furniture and paneling. The smell of wet stuff can pervade your home and stick in the air for days after a flood. We will deodorize your home thoroughly so that it becomes livable while we help you get on with the process of complete restoration.

    Secure Restoration is a flood damage restoration company in Jupiter, FL.

  • Water Removal

    Jupiter, FL – Water Removal

    Your first priority after a flood is to get the water out of your home. To this end, Secure Restoration offers the right blend of equipment, skills, and high-quality expertise for water removal Jupiter, FL. You will not find a better service firm for doing water removal in Jupiter. At the center of any kind of water removal operation are the devices used to physically move the water from one place to another. We use high end pumps to extricate the water that has invaded your home. Secure Restoration also helps you with clearing and cleaning up the debris left by flooding.

    Water removal also includes the process of drying out materials that have been soaked through with water. We will use the right devices to ensure your items are thoroughly free of moisture.

    Call Secure Restoration for water removal service in Jupiter, FL.

In addition to the repair, removal, and restorations services described above, Secure Restorations gives you the expert advice and assistance you need to renovate your home. It can be hard to know where to start the process of rebuilding after a severe flood or fire. The destruction that these phenomena cause can be devastating to your sense of well-being. However, you need not go through the home renewal process alone. Let us help you think through the kinds of furniture, paneling, and upholstery you want to replace that which has been irrecoverably degraded or destroyed. For some people, this is the most important part of the restoration process, because it helps them to get back to feeling safe and comfortable in their own home. Secure Restoration has people on staff with deep knowledge and expertise in interior redesign, refurbishment, and decoration. Let us help you complete the process of reclaiming your home from the ravages of fire, flood, and deterioration.

Call Secure Restoration today for a free quote on your damage repair. It is best to start the restoration process sooner rather than later. Making contact with Secure Restoration will allow you to gather information on the extent and costs of your repair. In addition to calling, you can also contact us through our website. There you will find a number of email addresses that you can send queries to. Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Call Secure Restoration to get the ball rolling on your home restoration work.

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