Secure Restoration Siding

New Siding benefits your home in ways by providing durability, longevity, and sustainability. We offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Licensed & Insured in NC and SC
  • We work with all Insurance Companies
  • IICRC Certified
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

Secure Restoration Siding


Well designed buildings are energy efficient while having lower operating and maintenance costs at the same time! This is why metal roofs are so successful! Metal roofs benefit your home or business in ways that traditional shingles do not, by providing durability, longevity, and sustainability.


Siding protects your home or property. When it’s damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced. If your siding is showing signs of wear or damage, call Secure Restoration. We offer several home improvement services, including siding installation or repair in North Carolina. We can help restore your home. All of our siding repairs or installation will last for decades to come. Call us right away when you need siding installation in North Carolina or South Carolina! 



New or Older homes, we can install any kind of siding to maximize your home’s longevity. If you’re building a new home, we can help install the siding. A home renovation is an excellent opportunity to update your old and dated siding. You can count on us for siding replacement and trust that we’ll do the job to high standards. Replacing the siding on your home is a sure way to update the look and aesthetic of your home!



If you need a repair job, we can also accommodate your needs. You must have a professional come out to inspect your siding as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear. It’s a smart decision to take care of a minor siding repair right away before it becomes a bigger problem in the future. Our specialists will come out to your home and help you explore all available repair or replacement options. We are confident that we can find a solution that best works for you.


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Secure Restoration offers siding repair and installations to the Asheville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Canton, Candler, Tryon, Brevard, Waynesville, Sylva, Burnsville, Marion, North Carolina areas, and the Greenville, Spartanburg, Travellers Rest, Greer, Inman, Union, South Carolina areas!