There have been thirteen named storms that hit the US in 2019. Each storm that occurs can cause severe damage to a home’s roof. This is why it is always a good idea to get your roof inspected after big storms. Especially named storms, and even after every couple of smaller nameless storms. In this article, I will be going into finer detail as to why it is so important to have a roof inspection done after storms. I will also discuss what could happen to you and your roof if you neglect this aspect of proper roof maintenance.

roof inspection

1. Let’s start with the difference between a name and a nameless storm. The difference is related to insurance, as there are different deductibles and coverages for named storms than non-named storms. A named storm is always going to be a separate deductible and coverage than a nameless storm. The reason you need to have an inspector get up there and assess the damage after the storm is that you’ll need to be able to submit the claim with accurate information. It is important to read your policy and understand what you are getting yourself into when you go to file that claim.

2. Heavy wind and rain from a storm can do a lot of damage to your roof, and some of that damage may not be noticeable when it occurs. A small rip or puncture in your roof membrane and bam, over time, that small ding could let in water and moisture. That leak could lead to massive damage throughout your entire roofing system. The main culprit for this kind of damage to your roof is flying debris from the storm. Imagine a massive tree limb that falls and puts a big hole in your roof.  Think of something even less classic. Your neighbor kids little red wagon, that thing can catch a thirty-five mile an hour gust and slam into your roof. If left unaddressed, it could cause just enough damage to give you a major roofing issue in a couple of months.

3. Heavy winds and rain often rip sealant and shingles from roofs. The last thing you want is to leave those two gaping holes in your roof only for the next storm to come through and dump a bucket of rain down your hole and fill your attics insulation up with water. That is no fun and could easily be avoided with a simple roof inspection

4. Lastly, you are going to want to be mindful of your gutter system. Storms have a way of doing a number on these guys and whether it’s hail or just heavy wind and rain, if your gutter system is compromised you are asking for some major trouble. The problem with a malfunctioning gutter system is always two-fold. First, it does not drain properly, and this causes excess water to sit on your roof. The second way in which a compromised gutter system will damage your roof is if it is loaded with debris, it will eventually start to pull away from your home. The pressure of all the water going into it and having nowhere to go will create holes into the side of your roof for all kinds of things that should not be getting in there. 

Hire a reputable company that will come to your house after each storm and makes sure your roof is still in fighting shape. The last thing you want is to wake up one Saturday morning after a particularly rough Friday night storm only to find you have a leak that is doing some serious damage to your roof. It’s not a fun way to start a Saturday, take it from me. 

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