It’s estimated that trees are responsible for approximately one billion dollars worth of the damage wrought by the recent tumultuous weather we’ve had.

The amount of damage that could have been prevented to people’s homes if they were more diligent is staggering. It’s estimated that fifty percent of tree-related damage claims to homes could have been prevented if the homeowner had taken care to follow proper protocol. That’s a nice way of saying that a lot of roof damage insurance claims were denied.

What is the proper protocol, you ask? Follow these steps to make sure your house is safe from roof damage caused by the trees on your property.

Rule # 1. Because your roof and all parts of your house for that matter are not friends with any trees make sure that no tree in any way shape or form touches your home. The six-foot rule is a good one to follow, forget about trees falling on your house, that’s obvious, but even if the leaves of a tree are just brushing up against your house wall or roof, that’s a no-no. Keep all parts of a tree six feet back or more to avoid roof damage.

Rule # 2. Keep your roof clear of tree debris, like stray branches and leaves. They will dam up your rain gutter system, and that’s a whole world of trouble just waiting to happen. Believe it or not, your gutter system needs to remain obstruction free in order to do its job which is to prevent rain from collecting on your roof and directing the rainfall to a safe distance from your structure. If this can’t happen, your home will suffer from leaks and erosion issues within your foundation.

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