Aerial shot of a roof

The roofing is among the most vital components of a structure. Proper maintenance ensures that it remains in the best shape all year to shield you from the harshness of the elements. Through routine maintenance procedures, various issues can be curbed–effectively eliminating repair expenses.

At Secure Restoration, we provide top-quality maintenance to extend the lifespan of your roofing in Hendersonville, NC. Below are the essential maintenance tips to remember.

Have Regular Shingle Inspections

Harsh weather conditions pose potential damage to roof shingles. During winter, snowstorms may result in cracks and leaks. The summer heat, on the other hand, could cause gradual wear of the roof shingles. Frequent inspection points out any damaged or missing shingles. As an added precaution, check the flashing structures near the chimney and vents for small cracks or leaks. Professional roofing services will help to fix any damage to the shingles and flashings.

Always Check For Moss Growth

Warmer seasons provide environments conducive to lichen, algae, and moss growth. To a great extent, these plants damage the roof’s structure. Regular cleaning eliminates moss and algae growth. Different types of roofs have diverse professional cleaning methods. Asphalt roofs use lead control strips for cleaning. For tiled roofs, you could use a low-pressure washer or dish-washing detergent. In the end, of course, It’s best if you work with a certified roofing contractor to help clean the roof.

Keep the Gutters Clean

The gutters play a crucial role in preventing debris buildup on the roof. Additionally, well-maintained gutters ensure that the roof is free from water backup. It will help if you clean the gutters at least twice every year, especially if you have trees surrounding your property.

Ensure Proper Attic Insulation

Professional roofing installation requires high-quality attic insulation. Essentially, the attic insulation prevents ice dams from forming on the roof. If not repaired, ice dams hinder water flow, therefore, damaging the shingles.

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