There are many different things that can cause carpet water damage, but of course, some causes are more likely than others. If you have carpet water damage in your home and you’re trying to work out the potential cause, then there are some places that make the most sense as a starting point. Furthermore, if you are noticing a damp smell or perhaps some other symptoms, these are the best places to start looking. Finally, by knowing the most common causes of carpet water damage in your home, you will be better able to try to avoid them occurring in the first place.

Note: In some cases, the cause of water damaged carpet is going to be very clear. If you are the victim of a flood or if a pipe has burst in your home then there will be little need to play detective in order to ascertain the source of a damp smell or to find out why your home won’t heat up. This article is focusing on those slightly less ‘obvious’ causes of carpet water damage that tend to be cumulative rather than acute.

The 4 Top Causes of Carpet Water Damage

Carpet Water Damage

1. Flat Roofs

A flat roof in itself is not a bad thing but it does present more potential issues when it comes to carpet water damage than other types of roofing. The main danger here is that water can pool on top of the roof over time. Of course flat roofs are designed to prevent this and for that reason feature a slight slope to try and redirect the flow of water. Nevertheless though, if your flat roof has been around for a long time then it may have begun to become concave. Moreover, if ice should form on your roof or it should collect a lot of debris in the form of branches and leaves, then this can form a kind of ‘dam’ and then prevent the water from flowing naturally off the roof into the gutters. The result is standing water which can then seep through the ceiling or cause mold along the top of your rooms.

2. Gutters

Gutters can also be a culprit when it comes to water damage. This is because they have a habit of overflowing when they get filled with debris which in turn causes water to run down the sides of the building. If you have gutters that are have become blocked or that have been damaged or cracked in some way, then this can cause this to happen you might notice the symptoms in the form of water marks on the exterior walls. This can also cause water damage in the basement as water will pool in the form of puddles around the outside of the house near the foundations.

3. Lack of Heat and Insulation

If you have a lack of insulation provided by your walls or windows then they can get very cold in winter, regularly leading to condensation forming on the glass or on the walls. This in turn makes for a damp surface that is perfect for the formation of mold.

The key to avoiding this is to a) invest in good insulation and b) heat your property early and keep it heated throughout the autumn and winter.

4. Plumbing

Finally, carpet water damage is often the result of plumbing problems. If you have a leaking pipe then this can cause gradual problems which may get worse over time. Get your plumbing regularly maintained and check it yourself often with a visual inspection.

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